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What are my options for running the Keysight 85070E / 85071E software to the PNA Family analyzer?
The Keysight 85070E / 85071E applications support control and communication of the PNA Family analyzers via COM or DCOM only, GPIB is not supported.

FAQ 2006-10-25

My Keysight legacy VNA floppy based file saves are suddenly requiring an extremely long save / recall time. What can I do to improve this?
The solution is to reset the analyzer’s internal memory.

FAQ 2006-10-02

For my CSA/PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer how do I get and save binary trace data using ANSI C or Visual C++?
The example program, writtten for the CSA and PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers, demonstrates how to get and save binary trace data in SA mode.

FAQ 2006-08-31

34970A: How do I confirm that my RS-232 cable is working properly?
By placing a short on one end of the RS-232 cable and connecting the other to a PC, you can use Hyperterminal to verify if the cable is working properly.

FAQ 2006-08-29

How can I get the corrected trace data from the E7415A EMI Measurement software into a spreadsheet?
While there isn't a function to do this, it can be done by a couple of methods...

FAQ 2006-03-22

How can I download/upload configuration to/from the 34970A?
Follow the procedures below to download and upload configuration to and from 34970A.

FAQ 2006-02-28

How can I test the RS-232 connection on my 34970A?
RS-232 connection problems can be in the instrument settings, the instrument COM port hardware, the cable connectors and wiring, the PC COM port and in the program setting.

FAQ 2006-02-02

Can I change the format of the data when I export from BenchLink Data Logger 3 software?
No, there is no way to change the default formats when exporting data from BenchLink Data Logger 3 software. However, you can easily change the data formats once you have the data in Microsoft(R) Excel.

FAQ 2006-01-18

Port Extensions and Data/Memory Measurement Differences

FAQ 2005-12-27

How Do I Access the A32 Memory Space of VXI Through an E1406A?
Situation: The E1406A cannot access the A32 memory space of VXI. It is also limited, as permitted by the VXI specification, to only accessing the 0x200000 to 0xDFFFFF portion of A24 space.

FAQ 2005-08-23

How do I Troubleshoot GPIB Communications with the 34970A using Keysight GPIB Interface Cards?
Check for the correct interface (GPIB instead of RS-232) and verify the physical GPIB connection.

FAQ 2005-08-18

ESG and ESG-D Series: Backwards Compatibility with 8657D Signal Generator

FAQ 2005-05-25

What are the ESG query commands?

FAQ 2005-05-23

Why doesn't the ESG display update when I am running a program in the remote mode?

FAQ 2005-05-23

34970A: Can I upload data using BenchLink Data Logger Software without erasing data from memory?
When the data is uploaded to the PC using BenchLink Data Logger software, all the readings are erased from the memory of the 34970A.

FAQ 2005-05-17

How do I save Impedance data to disk for my 8753 and 8720-series analyzers?
Its format should be R+jX

FAQ 2005-05-10

34970A: What COM Ports May I Use for RS-232 Connections between the PC and the Keysight 34970A?
The 34970A RS-232 port can be connected to any RS-232 port on your PC.

FAQ 2005-05-09

8753A Network Analyzer Data Array Format

FAQ 2005-04-15

Converting HPGL Files for Use with MS Word

FAQ 2005-04-12

HP 8753C Disk Drive Address

FAQ 2005-04-12

Keysight 8753E: Transferring FORM2 Data

FAQ 2005-04-12

Via the Keysight IntuiLink Network Analyzer Application, can I save S2P data files as Logarithmic Magnitude and Phase?
There are no provisions for Log Mag and Phase SxP file save formats.

FAQ 2005-03-30

35670A: How do I convert SDF data files to use with Microsoft Excel?
The SDF utilities (comes standard with the 35670A) will help convert SDF files to several other formats, including ASCII.

FAQ 2004-10-19

Does the Keysight 34401A have a LAN IO Connection?
No. However, if you require Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity, consider the Keysight E5810A LAN-to-GPIB gateway.

FAQ 2004-09-23

Does Keysight Technologies sell a product that enables remote control of a 8590 Series Spectrum Analyzer via a standard modem and telephone line?
Possible solutions can be found here....

FAQ 2004-08-27

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