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What are the rackmount accessories for an X-Series Signal Analyzer?
There are many different rackmount accessories that are compatible with the X-Series...

FAQ 2011-08-17

Is There a GPS Receiver for FieldFox?
GPS capability has been added to FieldFox starting from firmware revision A.05.33.

FAQ 2011-08-17

What are the differences between an E7400A Series EMC Analyzer and an ESA Series Spectrum Analyzer with Option AYQ - EMI Detectors & FM Demod?
See table provided....

FAQ 2011-07-07

Why is the "Failed to Capture State from Instrument" displayed on PC when the IntuiLink software for the 4294A is run?
The error message as shown below is displayed when the version of the 4294A firmware is lower than Rev 1.11.

FAQ 2011-06-12

Does Keysight provide the upgrade product from B2901A/02A to B2911A/12A?
No, it doesn't.

FAQ 2011-05-18

The rear panel of the instrument shows Option 700. What does Option 700 mean?
Option 700 is showing on the rear panel of the instrument as the instrument had been returned to factory for an upgrade previously. This option indicates installation and calibration have been performed for this instrument and it covers the cost of tear down, parts, rebuild and finally complete calibration on the upgrade. Option 700 is stated only on the rear panel, but will not be located on the diagnostic info.

FAQ 2011-04-19

FAQs: Migration to New RF & Universal Frequency Counters
Transitioning from the 53131A, 53132A or 53181A to the 53200 Series RF & Universal Frequency Counter/Timers

FAQ 2011-04-18

What is the power meter firmware revision is compatible with N1918A?
The N1918A software is compatible with the following instruments' firmware...

FAQ 2011-03-31

Do I need a keyboard and mouse to operate the X-Series Signal Analyzers?
No. However, since this is a Windows-based instrument, it is easier to navigate various windows using a mouse.

FAQ 2011-03-24

How do I install a license key file into the X-Series Signal Analyzer?
Copy the License File onto the root directory of a USB storage device. Connect the USB storage device to any USB port on the analyzer. The analyzer will automatically consume the license file.

FAQ 2011-03-24

Why are my N4010A DEVM test results different with firmware revision A.05.03.15?
Revision A.05.03.15 was a short-lived release that used a modified measurement algorithm. Please upgrade to revision A.05.03.16, which uses the correct measurement algorithm.

FAQ 2011-02-18

How can I convert the X-Series (MXA/EXA/CXA) Signal Analyzer from the bench top to Portable configuration?
There is an upgrade option to change the configuration from bench top to portable. Details found here...

FAQ 2011-01-06

I upgraded my 89601A software. Why can't I see the new menu options?
Click on File->Preset->Preset Menu/Toolbars

FAQ 2010-11-22

With which other signal sources is the MXG code compatible?
The MXG firmware is code compatable with the ESG, PSG,...

FAQ 2010-11-18

IO Libraries Suite: What is new with Keysight IO Libraries Suite 14.0?
Keysight IO Libraries Suite provides a new and improved set of tools for establishing, verifying, and troubleshooting instrument-to-PC connections.

FAQ 2010-10-30

Can I upgrade my older 1680-series logic analyzer from Windows® 2000 to Windows XP?
Yes. Part number 01680-68720 is a Motherboard Upgrade Kit for the 1680 series that contains everything you’ll need to perform the upgrade.

FAQ 2010-10-24

Why does my E6651A fail Source Modulated Power Level Accuracy in TME?
This may be due to a compatibility issue between the E6651A firmware version and TME.

FAQ 2010-10-14

34970A: How do I add a DMM to a 34970A that does not have one installed?
Order the customer installable retrofit kit 34970-80100.

FAQ 2010-10-12

How can I update the BIOS on my Keysight Logic Analyzer?
The BIOS for all 1680, 16800, and 16900-series logic analyzers can be updated via a single BIOS update CD.

FAQ 2010-09-25

Transferring the license from an older version to version 3.00
Before updating to a new revision of Data Logger on the SAME computer, be certain to save all data and configuration files that you wish to keep.

FAQ 2010-09-19

Can I download the drivers for the Keysight GPIB interfaces?
Yes, you may download them from the web

FAQ 2010-09-16

What are the new features in the latest version of the N7620A?
Triggering, non-linear chirp, frequency & amplitude offsets, custom QPSK, auto re-sampling for custom profile and custom I/Q, ALC Hold (internal Arb and E8267D option H16), and support for the N6030A, N8241A, & N8212A

FAQ 2010-09-09

IO Libraries Suite: What has changed in version 14.2?
Version 14.2 includes defect fixes and makes two changes to improve the compatibility of Keysight 488 with third-party software.

FAQ 2010-09-08

IO Libraries Suite: Is an IO Libraries Suite license transferable?
An IO Libraries Suite license can travel with the Keysight instrument, Keysight hardware I/O product or Keysight software…

FAQ 2010-09-08

IO Libraries Suite: What pieces of software do I need to install for the IO Libraries to work?
View the data sheet for the full list of requirements.

FAQ 2010-09-08

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