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What accessories can I use with the 4395A?
Please refer to "Available Accessories" section in the 4395A Configuration Guide.

FAQ 2008-11-16

Can I use the 35677A (S-Parameter Test Set for the 3577A/B) for the 4395A?
No, the 4395A can't control the 35677A. The 35677A can be used only for the 3577A/B. Recommended S-parameter test set for the 4395A is 87511A/B.

FAQ 2008-11-16

What is the size (dimensions) of E4980A-1CM rack mount kit?
The rack mount kit consists of a small bracket and a large attachment panel for installing the E4980A in a 19-inch standard rack as follows.

FAQ 2008-11-12

Is there any ID to discriminate incompatible USB memory from E4980A compatible ones?
See the following ID of incompatible USB memory devices.

FAQ 2008-11-12

What is the part number of pull-up resistors recommended for the option E4980A-201 handler I/F of the E4980A?
Recommended resistance values and part numbers of the pull-up resistors are shown in the following table.

FAQ 2008-11-12

Is the E4980A compatible with all the test fixtures which can be used with the 4284A?
Yes, all the test fixtures available for the 4284A can be used with the E4980A.

FAQ 2008-11-12

What is the recommended SMD test fixture for use with the 4338B?
There is no SMD test fixture designed for use with the 4338B. In order to measure SMD devices, the 16044A SMD test fixture is recommended.

FAQ 2008-11-11

Why are measurement values inaccurate when the 16089B is used with the 4338B?
It is recommended that the 16005B (Part Number 16005-60011) be used in place of the 16089B.

FAQ 2008-11-11

How should the short compensation be performed when the 16006A is used with the 4338B?
Please refer to FAQ for the 16338A.

FAQ 2008-11-11

Can I use all fixtures and accessories that I'm using with the 4268A and the 4288A?
Yes, they can be used with E4981A.

FAQ 2008-10-20

What are the part numbers for the 2 m DC power cable and the 1 m RF cable (SMA (m) to SMA (m)) that comes together with the OML Inc. millim...
These parts are not available separately from Keysight.

FAQ 2008-10-17

Will my USB stick work with N9320B?
Due to operating system limitation, a few USB sticks are not compatible with N9320B. Recommended USB sticks:

FAQ 2008-09-25

Why can't I order the 848xA bulkheads?
The 848xA bulkheads cannot be ordered because the thermocouple sensor IC has been discontinued….

FAQ 2008-09-25

Do terminal blocks and SCSI cables come with the USB data acquisition (DAQ) devices?
No, terminal blocks and SCSI cables do not come with the USB data acquisition (DAQ) devices....

FAQ 2008-09-25

How can a normal type BNC connector be connected to the 4339B's high voltage BNC connector?
Normal type BNC connector should not be used because it does not have the withstanding voltage rating enough for the application of 4339B's test voltage output up to 1000 V dc.

FAQ 2008-09-11

Would you give me any information about A1 analog board's part number changes?
04263-66501(Original) => 04263-66511, 04263-66521(Enhancement)*1 => 04263-66531

FAQ 2008-07-29

What is the meaning of P1dB and Psat as stated in amplifier specifications?

FAQ 2008-07-15

The supplemental inductors which can be used with the 42851A are now obsolete. What is the replacement part number?
This is the information of the replacement parts for obsolete products.

FAQ 2008-07-07

In the 4263B service manual, there is not a part number of the BNC connector for Ext Trigger. What is the P/N?
It is not prepared the service parts as BNC connector, since it is solodered on PCA directly.

FAQ 2008-07-07

Can I order separately the clip leads and probe leads included in the 16338A?
Yes, the respective clip leads, probe lead and mating cable of the 16338A can be ordered by part numbers.

FAQ 2008-07-02

Can I use any network switch/hub and cables with my EMI Measurement System?
Yes, but it is not recommended. See FAQ content for details...

FAQ 2008-07-01

How do I know which system interconnect cable set I need for an N9039A RF Preselector?
This would depend on the input connector type of the PSA being used. See FAQ content for details...

FAQ 2008-07-01

What are the rackmount kit options and their part numbers for an N9039A RF Preselector?
There are a couple different options. See FAQ content for details...

FAQ 2008-07-01

The key cap of the power switch tends to come unfastened. What measure can I take to meet the situation?
It is recommended to replace with 0371-3953.

FAQ 2008-06-30

Would you give me the information on part number changes for the mechanical parts?
Please refer to the following table.

FAQ 2008-06-29

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