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What are the various part numbers for the individual components within the 85033D/E and 85052B/C/D calibration kits?

FAQ 2005-11-13

Why is the time shown on my 16700-series logic analyzer wrong every time I reboot the system?

FAQ 2005-09-13

Do the 34980A Plug-in Modules come with a Terminal Block?
No. The Terminal Blocks are ordered separately.

FAQ 2005-09-07

What is included 6 GHz return loss measurement accessory kit, PSA Option 015?
An RF Bridge, Power Divider, Termination, Coaxial Short, Cables, and 6 DB Attenuator

FAQ 2005-08-22

What are the part numbers for the cables used with my 85070E (option 001, 002 and 022)?

FAQ 2005-07-07

What cables ship with the P-Series power meter?
A power cord (country specific) and a USB 2.0 cable

FAQ 2005-05-17

Is there a retrofit option to move the front panel connectors to the rear on the N1911/12A?
No, there is no sactioned retrofit to move the front panel connectors to the rear.

FAQ 2005-05-09

Is there an upgrade path from the N1911A Power Meter to the N1912A Power Meter?
No, there is no upgrade option available

FAQ 2005-05-09

34970A: Can I Operate the 34970A from a DC Source?
You can use an inverter capable of providing the correct power.

FAQ 2005-05-09

What are the accessory part numbers for the Optical to Electrical (O/E) and Electrical to Optical (E/O) converters that are used with the 8702D and...

FAQ 2005-05-02

What accessories ship with my Keysight Power Sensor?
This depends on the Power Sensor in question.

FAQ 2005-04-28

What is the part number for the 3.5-inch floppy drive in the 35670A?
The part number for the drive is: 0950-3282.

FAQ 2005-04-11

Do the N2276A/B Switch/Attenuator Driver Cards Support Control of the 84904M, 84905M, and 84908M 50 GHz Attenuators?
Although the attenuators have not been formally tested with the N2276A/B, it is expected that the driver cards provide full compatibility.

FAQ 2005-04-08

What are the Cables for Connecting the 8767/8/9M Switches to the 87130A/ 84941A Distribution Board?

FAQ 2005-04-07

I would like to replace my E8491A PCI card with the new E8491B PCI card. I would also like to replace the front panel of the E8491A and the origin...

FAQ 2005-04-05

Can I use an IEEE-1394 (Firewire) cable longer than the 4.5m cable originally supplied with the E8491B?
Should additional length be required, 15 additional cables may be added to the system...

FAQ 2005-04-04

My 35670A halts during the boot process with the "Booting from disk" message displayed on the screen. What is wrong and how can it be fixed?
If the 35670A halts during the boot process with the "Booting from disk" message displayed on the screen, this is typically an indication of an invalid stored state for power up...

FAQ 2005-03-31

Are the N2276A and N2276B multiplexers compatible with the 3499B mainframe?
No, the 3499B is a two-slot controller and the N2276A and N2276B require three slots.

FAQ 2005-03-25

Why can't I order the screwdriver with part number 8710-1539?
Part number 8710-1539 has been superseded by 8710-0523.

FAQ 2005-03-25

When utilizing the N2276B to drive microwave switches, what are appropriate options for the switches?

FAQ 2005-03-24

When utilizing either the N2276A or N2276B to drive external attenuators, what are the appropriate options for the attenuators?

FAQ 2005-03-24

What switches are included with the N2276A?

FAQ 2005-03-24

Is there a remote 50 MHz, +0 dBm power reference available for performing power meter user calibration at remote sensor distances?

FAQ 2005-03-21

What types of removable disk drives do Infiniium scopes have?
Since their introduction in 1997, Infiniium scopes have offered several removable disk formats.

FAQ 2005-02-14

What are the part numbers for the fuse and fuse caps for the 34401A?
The 34401A has two fuses in series -- these are the parts...

FAQ 2005-02-09

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