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Press Materials 2010-03-30

Agilent Technologies Launches 2010 Agilent Measurement Forum Asia Tour

Press Materials 2010-03-29

Agilent Adds Compact Tunable Lasers, Multimode Attenuators to 77-Series Optical Test Instruments

Press Materials 2010-03-22

LXI Press Releases

Press Materials 2010-03-16

Agilent Technologies’ SystemVue Now Offers Modeling, Scripting Capability Using MATLAB
SystemVue 2012.07 now provides the ability to perform complete mathematical modeling and scripting in SystemVue using MATLAB software.

Press Materials 2010-03-15

Agilent Technologies' SystemVue Now Links C++ Code Generation, X-parameters for RF-DSP Co-Design

Press Materials 2010-03-15

Optical Modulation Analyzer Enables Greater than 200G Transmission at 28G Symbol Rate

Press Materials 2010-03-15

Advanced Design System Software Selected by Paratek Microwave for Antenna Tuning Module Development

Press Materials 2010-03-03

B1500A Press Releases

Press Materials 2010-02-28

B1505A Press Releases

Press Materials 2010-02-28

Agilent Introduces Monolithic Laser Combiner System for Confocal and Fluorescence Microscopy

Press Materials 2010-02-25

Agilent Technologies’ New LTE Applications Target 4G System-Level Designers

Press Materials 2010-02-16

Agilent Technologies Introduces an Advanced RF GPS Simulator
GPS receiver verification software for the PXB baseband generator and channel emulator platform

Press Materials 2010-02-16

Significant Performance Enhancements to the PXB Baseband Generator and Channel Emulator
Enhancements to the N5106A PXB baseband generator and channel emulator designed to expand its use across the R&D lifecycle.

Press Materials 2010-02-16

Agilent Extends PXA with Embedded LTE and HSPA+ Measurement Applications

Press Materials 2010-02-15

Collaboration with CMC Microsystems Provides EDA Tools to Universities and Colleges Across Canada

Press Materials 2010-02-03

Agilent to Show Mobile Communications Test Measurement Solutions at 2010 Mobile World Congress

Press Materials 2010-02-03

Agilent Technologies' Advanced Design System 2010 to Support Emerging IBIS-AMI Modeling Standard

Press Materials 2010-02-01

Agilent Technologies' Introduces Complete Test Solution for PCI Express® 3.0

Press Materials 2010-02-01

Complete Test Solution for PCI Express® 3.0 Featuring the New Digital Test Console

Press Materials 2010-02-01

Read the latest Arbitrary Waveform Generator press release
Read the latest Arbitrary Waveform Generator press release

Press Materials 2010-01-30

How to handle USB 3.0 physical layer test requirements – View the recorded webcast

Press Materials 2010-01-28

Agilent Technologies Announces NXP Semiconductors' Design Kit for RF Small Signal Products in ADS

Press Materials 2010-01-27

Georgia Tech’s Georgia Electronic Design Center Receives $40 Million in Agilent EDA Software

Press Materials 2010-01-21

Agilent Technologies Announces YouTube Channel for Agilent EEsof EDA
Channel Features More than 100 Videos with Subtitles in 50 Languages.

Press Materials 2010-01-19

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