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PNA Network Analyzers, 300 kHz to 1.1 THz

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Introduction to PNA Help and Programming – Part 1
PNA Help and Programming Tips: Part 1, Introduction to PNA Help and the PNA Programming Command Finder

Demo 2014-12-30

FieldFox RF Analyzer N9912A Overview (7:03)
This video is an overview of the N9912A capabilities. A brief look at each of the following capabilities is included, Cable & Antenna Test, Spectrum Analyzer, Interference Analyzer, Microwave Power Meter, Channel Power Meter, Network Analyzer, Time Domain and Vector Voltmeter.

Demo 2012-01-12

Keysight FieldFox Cable and Antenna Analyzer Training Video (11:42)
This video is a brief overview of the N9912A Cable and Antenna Test capabilities. This includes antenna return loss & VSWR, cable loss and distance to fault on cables.

Demo 2012-01-12

FieldFox RF Analyzer, N9912A Spectrum Analyzer and Interference Analyzer (9:12)
This video is a brief overview of the N9912A Spectrum Analyzer capabilities. This includes the spectrum analyzer as well as the interference analyzer.

Demo 2012-01-12

How to Connect an iPad to a PNA

Demo 2011-10-10

QT QT 9.33 KB
Watch the new PNA video on Engineering TV from IMS 2011

Demo 2011-06-24

Video Demos on Generating X-Parameters from Circuit Level Designs
This four part series of demonstration videos shows how to generate X-parameters from circuits.

Demo 2009-09-28