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Does Keysight VEE 9.0 support Windows 7?
Yes. A Keysight VEE patch is currently in development and is tentatively scheduled for release on 2nd quarter of 2010.

FAQ 2013-11-17

How do I remotely read the summary table for a demodulated Wireless LAN signal from the 89601A VSA software using Microsoft Excel?
Open the Excel file provided, select "Enable Macros" and follow procedure documented inside spreadsheet.

FAQ 2012-05-29

How do I remotely read demodulated symbols from the 89601A VSA software using Microsoft Excel?
Click here for information on reading demod symbols from the 89601A software using Excel.

FAQ 2012-05-29

How do I remotely make an Adjacent Channel Power (ACP) measurement with the 89601A VSA software using Microsoft Excel?
Click here for information on controlling the 89601A software using Excel to make an ACP measurement.

FAQ 2012-05-29

How do I remotely read status bits and set interrupts for the 89601A VSA software using Microsoft Excel?
Save the self-extracting archive to disk, open it and click unzip to extract the 89600_Status_Bits.xls and ACP.sdf files to your C:\temp directory.

FAQ 2012-05-29

What file formats does the 89601A VSA software support for signal waveforms?
Recorded data from the following files can be interpreted by the 89600: ASCII (.txt and .csv), Binary (89600 SDF .sdf, .dat), Binary (E3238 .cap), Binary (N5510A .bin), MATLAB 7 (or earlier, .mat)

FAQ 2012-05-28

How do I transfer waveforms, screen images, and measurements from my InfiniiVision oscilloscope to a PC using IntuiLink Data Capture?
Keysight’s free IntuiLink Data Capture software provides an easy way to transfer deep-memory waveform data, screen images, and measurements from your oscilloscope to your PC via the USB, LAN, or GPIB interface.

FAQ 2011-06-06

What is EVO and what are the known issues?
EVO is an abbreviation for Extensible VEE Object, which introduce after VEE Pro Version 9.21

FAQ 2011-03-31

After updating IO library suite, ENA Option TDR became uncontrollable from the external PC. What is wrong?
If you have ever updated or uninstalled IO library suite, please reinstall TDR application on your PC.

FAQ 2011-01-21

How do I extract information from the 89601A VSA software's Error Summary trace through automation? I want to use a routine in my ActiveX program ...
Different modulation analysis modes feature different COM properties. This link describes the property for each demodulator.

FAQ 2010-11-22

IO Libraries Suite: Where do I find sample programs for SICL, VISA, and VISA COM?
Sample programs are available using SICL, VISA, and VISA COM in the IO Libraries Suite installation and on

FAQ 2010-09-08

Is VEE able to interpret "," as decimal point in Formula box running under German Windows?
No. Please use "." as decimal point as per international standard.

FAQ 2009-11-17

I've written my own text format for SCPI in *.txt. How do I use these for SCPI completion within VEE 9.0. What tool should I use?
You can use the tool found within Just search using the keyword "Keysight VEE SCPI...

FAQ 2009-11-12

VEE 9.0 has SCPI completion. How do I make my own SCPI command built-in with VEE?
Please refer to the attached Microsoft Word document for a step by step explanation...

FAQ 2009-11-12

Why did VEE displayed an "out of memory" message even the PC has more than 1GB of memory free after using up only 300MB of memory?
Keysight VEE's could not support such a large memory of usage in a single object or interface.

FAQ 2009-11-08

IO Libraries Suite: Is there any other software that needs to be installed when I am using an application that utilizes NI-488.2 and Keysight IO Lib...
It depends if there is third party connectivity hardware or software installed.

FAQ 2009-08-25

Does Keysight Intuilink VNA operate with the 8753D Network Analyzer?
Only if the 8753D VNA is equipped with firmware revision 06.14 or revision 07.14

FAQ 2009-07-13

Can I write my own measurement personalities or downloadable programs (DLPs) for the E4406A, PSA Series, or ESA Series Analyzers?
No. We do, however, offer many tools to facilitate remotely interfacing of our instruments to a PC to write custom applications. We do also offer flexible digital demod through the 89601A software, and this software does have custom macro capabi...

FAQ 2008-11-21

Is it possible to get an error log of incorrectly sent remote commands to my PSA, E4406A, EMC, or ESA Series Spectrum Analyzer?
Yes. PSA, E4406A and the ESA Series (with firmware A.08.00 and later) support this. You may turn Verbose error logging on through the front panel or remotely, SYST:ERR:VERBOSE ON

FAQ 2008-11-21

I use Keysight VEE and Labview and would like instrument drivers for the E4406A, PSA Series, ESA Series, and EMC Series. Where can I download VXI ...
The E4406A, PSA Series, ESA Series, and EMC Series new IVI-Com drivers as well as the older VXI Plug and Play drivers are available in the "Drivers and Software" section for each product.

FAQ 2008-11-20

I am attempting to program a Keysight PNA, PNA-L, PNA-X Series vector network analyzer but I continue to receive PNA Specific SCPI Error +103. Can ...

FAQ 2008-08-28

How do I remotely take control, make a measurement and release control of the 89601A software using Microsoft® Excel?
Click here for information on controlling the 89601A software using Excel.

FAQ 2008-08-13