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HDMI and DisplayPort Design and Test – A Better Way - Brochure
Brochure covering Keysight’s HDMI and Displayport test solutions portfolio and applications, discussing measurement challenges and showing how the test solutions and services address these.

Brochure 2015-01-23

PDF PDF 11.70 MB
DDR Memory Design and Test Overview
Brief overview of Keysight solutions for DDR design and test.

Brochure 2012-12-19

DDR Memory Design and Test – A Better Way
Keysight offers the complete solutions for all areas of DDR design, meeting your needs for electrical physical layer, protocol layer, and functional test.

Brochure 2012-12-19

Improve Your Time-to-Insight:Debugging Intermittent Memory Failures in DDR and DDR2 Systems
Application Note 1575

Application Note 2006-04-14

Planning Your Design for Debug: FPGA Dynamic Probe

Application Note 2005-01-26

InfiniBand System Level Debugging (AN 1382-1)
This application note is written for R & D engineers developing InfiniBand processors and InfiniBand system designers and integrators. It covers key concepts underlying system-level debug and validation of InfiniBand systems.

Application Note 2004-03-17

Debugging Parallel RapidIO Designs

Application Note 2003-01-09

Saving Time with Multiple-Channel Signal Integrity Measurements, (AN 1382-8)
System complexity continues to grow exponentially. This results in more buses with more high-speed signals, which translates into more chances of signal integrity problems. Complex protocols, varying data payloads, and multiple operating modes create more opportunities for signal integrity to be...

Application Note 2002-03-14

8 Hints for Debugging and Validating High-speed Buses
8 Hints for Debugging High-speed Buses

Application Note 2002-03-05

Designing and Validating High-Speed Memory Buses (AN 1382-2)
DDR SDRAM (double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory) is quickly becoming an accepted technology in the PC (personal computer) industry. Its low cost, high performance, and increasingly wide availability make it very desirable for PC memory buses and embedded designs such as high...

Application Note 2001-12-20