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Get in the Zone – The Nyquist Zone
Original broadcast July 10, 2014

Webcast - recorded

Primer: A Day in the Life of your Cell Phone
Original broadcast July 24, 2014

Webcast - recorded

Do you use Oscilloscopes in the 1 GHz to 6 GHz bandwidth range?
Original broadcast June 24, 2014

Webcast - recorded

DOCSIS 3.1 Signal Generation and Analysis Solution Webcast
Original broadcast June 25, 2014

Webcast - recorded

Developing Modular PXI and AXIe Tests for Measurement and Analysis Webcast
Original broadcast June 12, 2014

Webcast - recorded

Designing Custom Filters using Direct Synthesis and Network Transforms Webcast
Original broadcast June 26, 2014

Webcast - recorded

12 Tips on How to Select Your Next Oscilloscope - WEBCAST
In this webcast we will cover 12 topics for you to consider before selecting your next general purpose oscilloscope: from bandwidth, triggering and update rate to serial buses and probing. Providing trade-offs you can make to fit your budget.

Webcast - recorded

SI Analysis of Interconnects using EMPro-ADS Interoperability (KC login required)
This application demonstrates the ADS and EMPro interoperability feature by modeling high speed connectors SATA and USB.

Training Materials 2014-05-26

Pre-Layout Simulations for Generating PCB Layout Design Constraints (KC login required)
Designing Pre-layout Exploration for PCB Constraints Development.

Training Materials 2014-05-25

IEEE 802.11ad (WiGig) PHY and Measurement Challenges Webcast
Original broadcast May 22, 2014

Webcast - recorded

ADS Advanced EM in Germany (Münich)
ADS Advanced EM Germany 2014

Classroom Training

Innovations in EDA: The Design of a 100W, X-Band GaN PA Module Webcast
Original broadcast May 7, 2014

Webcast - recorded

Network Analysis Back to Basics Webcast
Recorded broadcast August 21, 2013

Webcast - recorded

Electronic Measurement Course Calendar
List of Electronic Measurement courses offered in your country...

Classroom Training

Techniques for Precise Interference Measurements in the Field
Original broadcast September 26, 2012

Webcast - recorded

Measure Your Signal, Not Your Measurement System
This webinar will cover de-embedding and Waveform Transformation, as well as the measurement benefits of PrecisionProbe and PrecisionCable.


10-Steps to Determine 3G/4G IP Data Throughput
Original broadcast September 27, 2012

Webcast - recorded

HSD Seminar Benelux
HSD Seminar Benelux


Techniques for Precise Cable and Antenna Measurements in the Field Recording
Recording of the April 23, 2014 Techniques for Precise Cable and Antenna Measurements in the Field Webcast

Seminar Materials 2014-04-23

MP4 MP4 13.69 MB
Effectively Maintain Mission Critical Communication Systems Webcast
Original broadcast April 17, 2014

Webcast - recorded

Automated Test / Board Test User Groups

Training Materials 2014-04-07

E-Band Wireless Backhaul: System Design & Test Challenges Webcast Slides
Slides from the March 27, 2014 webcast

Seminar Materials 2014-03-27

Overcome LTE-A and 802.11ac Manufacturing Test Challenges with Agilent’s new EXM Webcast Slides
Slides from the March 26, 2014 webcast

Seminar Materials 2014-03-26

NFC Forum
The Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum is a non-profit industry association that promotes the use of NFC short-range wireless interaction in consumer electronics, mobile devices and PCs.

Seminar Materials 2014-03-25

FieldFox Webcast Series: Precision Validation of Radar System Performance in the Field
Original broadcast January 14, 2014

Webcast - recorded

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