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Using Network Analyzer Time-Domain Analysis to Verify and Troubleshoot Complex Components - Article
Microwave Product Digest May 2013 feature article that discusses using FieldFox's time domain analysis to troubleshoot complex components.

Article 2013-06-19

U1602A and U1604A User's and Service Guide
User's and Service Guide for the Keysight U1602A and U1604A handheld digital oscilloscope

Service Manual 2013-05-17

U1273AX Handheld Digital Multimeter Intro Video
Introduction of the U1273AX Handheld Digital Multimeter. This video provides a brief overview of the capabilities of the Keysight U1273AX handheld multimeter as well as a link to the full quick start video.

Product Tour 2013-05-15

U1600 Series Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
This data sheet is a technical document to describe the U1602/04B handheld oscilloscope, its key features, hardware specifications and recommended accessories available for this product.

Data Sheet 2013-04-12

U1251A/U1252A User’s and Service Guide
User’s and Service Guide for the U1251A and U1252A 4½ digit handheld multimeters. Contains a description of the features and functions of the instrument, including programming information, application examples, and technical specifications.

User Manual 2013-03-07

N9342C/N9343C/N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA) Programmer's Guide
Programming examples for the N9342C, N9343C and N9344C HSA.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2013-02-01

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Videos on YouTube
Explore YouTube for videos on Handheld Spectrum Analyzers.

Demo 2012-12-12

FieldFox Microwave Analyzers - White Paper
This white paper presents general suggestions and specific examples regarding the essential attributes of handheld analyzers that will be used in harsh conditions.

Application Note 2012-11-01

U1210 Series Handheld Clamp Meters - Quick Fact Sheet
This data sheet is a technical document to describe the U1210 series clamp meter, its key features, hardware specifications and optional accessories available for this product.

Promotional Materials 2012-10-24

Experience the toughness of the U1273AX OLED DMM

Demo 2012-09-27

U1230 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters - QFS
This QFS presents the U1230 Series Digital Multimeters. This series consists of 3 models; U1231, U1232 and U1233. The built-in torchlight and Vsense keep users equipped when making measurements.

Promotional Materials 2012-09-20

U1701A/U1701B Handheld Capacitance Meter - Data Sheet
Keysight handheld capacitance meters expand Keysight's portfolio of handheld tools into electronics assembly and passive components troubleshooting. Keysight now offers its handheld capacitance meter, the U1701B, providing extra capabilities and functionalities.

Data Sheet 2012-09-11

FieldFox Microwave Analyzers - White Paper
This white paper describes the features, benefits, and applications of the FieldFox RF & microwave handheld analyzers.

Application Note 2012-09-06

U1273AX OLED Handheld Digital Multimeter - Quick Fact Sheet
This Quick Fact Sheet provides the key features and specifications of the U1273AX handheld digital multimeter.

Promotional Materials 2012-08-23

RF Handheld Analyzers - Actual FieldFox Size Tri-fold - Photo Card
Full color, glossy, promotional trifold that is the actual FieldFox size. Includes key measurements, features, and FieldFox portfolio measurement comparisons.

Brochure 2012-04-30

U1190 Series Clamp Meters - Quick Fact Sheet
This Quick Fact Sheet presents the U1190 series handheld clamp meters. It has a built-in flashlight, Vsense for non-contact voltage detection and a unique wire separator to clamp and measure wires from a bundle.

Promotional Materials 2012-03-20

U1240 and U1250 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters - Quick Fact Sheet
This QFS summarizes five of Keysight's handheld DMMs, including the U1253B and four other models.

Promotional Materials 2012-03-20

U1700 Series Handheld Capacitance/LCR Meters - Quick Fact Sheet
This quick fact sheet presents Keysight's new line of LCR meters; U1731C, U1732C and U1733C. It shows the LCR's key features; the Ai, test frequency up to 100kHz and detailed component analysis.

Promotional Materials 2012-03-16

N9912A FieldFox RF Analyzer Videos
Here you will find a compilation of videos showing applications and functionality using an N9912A FieldFox RF analyzer. Most of the videos listed here apply to the entire FieldFox Handheld Analyzer family.

Demo 2012-02-01

FieldFox RF Analyzer, N9912A Spectrum Analyzer and Interference Analyzer (9:12)
This video is a brief overview of the N9912A Spectrum Analyzer capabilities. This includes the spectrum analyzer as well as the interference analyzer.

Demo 2012-01-12

Keysight FieldFox Cable and Antenna Analyzer Training Video (11:42)
This video is a brief overview of the N9912A Cable and Antenna Test capabilities. This includes antenna return loss & VSWR, cable loss and distance to fault on cables.

Demo 2012-01-12

FieldFox RF Analyzer N9912A Overview (7:03)
This video is an overview of the N9912A capabilities. A brief look at each of the following capabilities is included, Cable & Antenna Test, Spectrum Analyzer, Interference Analyzer, Microwave Power Meter, Channel Power Meter, Network Analyzer, Time Domain and Vector Voltmeter.

Demo 2012-01-12

Evaluating Fluorescent Lighting Interference on Passive UHF RFID Systems - Application Note
This paper highlights how the use of N934xC handheld spectrum analyzers are an effective way to determine if the effects of fluorescent lighting is impacting an RFID system

Application Note 2011-11-30

U1190 Series Clamp Meters - Data Sheet
This datasheet presents the U1190 series clamp meters that come with features such as a built-in flashlight, Vsense and wire seperator to help users work better in the conditions they are in.

Data Sheet 2011-11-23

U1190 Series application video
Learn how U1190 Series clamp meters can help you perform your daily tasks sufficiently in the industrial environments at U1190 Series application video.

Demo 2011-10-17

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