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Is there a 3D model of the InfiniiVision 2000/3000/3000T X-Series oscilloscopes?
Yes, see the IGES, SAP, and Step format file downloads.

FAQ 2015-02-18

Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Keysight test equipment?
Most Keysight products have PDF manuals that can be found on product pages. Other vendors also supply old manuals.

FAQ 2014-08-01

Is there a 3D model of the InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series oscilloscopes?
Yes, see the IGES, SAP, and Step format file downloads.

FAQ 2012-09-12

What application software is available for 16900, 1680x, 1682x and 1680/1690 Series logic analyzers?
See the table for quickly seeing the application support available for Keysight U4000, 16900, 16800 and 1680/90 logic and protocol analyzers.

FAQ 2012-08-14

Why i can't find other languages help file setting in U160X A/B series HH oscilloscope?
In order to access to other language, please go to respective product support page in www.Keysight.com. Go to Driver & Software page, select Firmware Update.

FAQ 2011-09-12

Can U1602A/B and U1604A/B measure capacitance of 0.13nF?
Based on the datasheet, for 0.13nF, it falls in the range of 60nF. To calculate the range of fluctuation of the reading,…

FAQ 2010-12-20

Why does the new U1571A battery pack for my U1602/4A Handheld Oscilloscope last less than the stipulated 4 hours…
The new U1571A battery pack of the U1602A or U1604A Handheld Oscilloscope lasts less than 4 hours because….

FAQ 2010-08-08

What is the use model? Charge as much as possible or let it run down, then charge all the way up?
It’s not necessary to run all the way down like NICAD battery.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Active Probes and Active Probe Power

FAQ 2010-05-14

Are there other resources for my DC power supply product questions?
Keysight's discussion forums at https://forums.tm.keysight.com/ contain tips, discussions and programming examples from other users.

FAQ 2010-03-10

What is unique about Keysight’s battery powered oscilloscope?
Keysight’s 6000 Series with the battery option is the only battery powered mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO), highest performance 100MHz -500MHz battery powered oscilloscopes and only 1GHz battery powered oscilloscope available in the market.

FAQ 2007-11-02

How much will it add to the weight of the scope?
12.35 Lbs without power adapter and 14 Lbs with power adapter

FAQ 2007-11-02

How many charges will the battery last through?
The battery should deliver >80% of initial capacity after 300+ charge/discharge cycles.

FAQ 2007-11-02

What are the applications for battery-powered oscilloscope?
Battery-powered oscilloscopes are targeted for engineers and technicians in automotive testing, quality testing, industrial applications, power control circuit testing, In-vehicle, marine, and aerospace applications.

FAQ 2007-11-02

If the battery dies and will not recharge, is it return to factory or service center for repair?
The oscilloscope battery is not user replaceable. You must return the oscilloscope to Keysight for battery replacement.

FAQ 2007-11-02

Is Keysight’s battery-powered scope safe to use?
Keysight’s battery powered 6000 Series scopes were designed and manufactured to meet strict safety measures and comply with international safety standards.

FAQ 2007-11-02

Can I use the oscilloscope while the battery is being charged?
Yes, the battery automatically recharges when the scope is connected to AC line power.

FAQ 2007-11-02

How many months/years is it expected to last?
Occasional battery users can use the battery ~10 years before replacement, while heavy users may need to replace within 2-3 years.

FAQ 2007-11-02

How do I maximize the battery life?
Avoid charging and discharging the battery repeatedly.

FAQ 2007-11-02

What is the technology used in the battery powered 6000 Series?
Rechargeable lithium ion battery

FAQ 2007-11-02

Is the battery option retrofitable to previously purchased oscilloscope?
No. The battery option for the 6000 Series is a factory-installed option which is not retrofitable to previously purchased oscilloscopes.

FAQ 2007-11-02

How long does the charge last?
~2 hrs initially

FAQ 2007-11-02

Is it necessary to connect the ground post on the rear panel to earth ground?
If the circuit under test has voltages that exceed 30Vrms (or >42Vpk), the scope chassis needs to be connected to earth ground.

FAQ 2007-11-02

What probes are available for my logic analyzer?
Keysight offers the following four basic categories of logic analyzer probes...

FAQ 2007-06-01