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Pulse Parameter Definitions - Application Note
Definitions of Terms used with Pulse/Pattern/Data Generators

Application Note 2002-04-08

VXI System Helps IC Package Company Test ICs
In recent years IC density have been increasing. Read how VXI Systems can help solve these test issues.

Application Note 2001-12-20

VXI Systems Help Test Crystal Oscillators
This is an electronic manufacturing test case study

Application Note 2001-12-20

VXI Puts Chinese Refrigerators Through Tests
Throughput was low, because the system was inflexible and could complete only one kind of test for a single batch of refrigerators. When they were tested sequentially, only six refrigerators could be tested per week.

Application Note 2001-12-20

I/O Libraries Supported Interfaces - Application Note
IO Library

Application Note 2001-12-12

Functional Test & Data Acquisition I/O Benchmarks
The following benchmarks compare computer I/O performance in functional test and data acquisition applications.

Application Note 2001-12-04

How to use VXIplug&play Drivers with Keysight VEE, C/C++, VB, LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI
This application note describes how to use VXIplug&play Drivers with Keysight VEE, C/C++, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, and LabWindows/CVI.

Application Note 2001-08-09

VXI Test System Helps Ensure Elevator Function, Safety
This Technical Note describes how Keysight VXI equipment helped an Asian manufacturer ensure elevator function and safety. Results included reduced test times and reduced rejection rates!

Application Note 2001-08-01

How to Drive the Keysight Microwave Matrix and Transfer Switch via the E8483A Microwave Switch...
The Keysight E8483A contains the control, drive, and power circuitry for controlling both microwave switches and step attenuators. Any combination of up to six devices (switches or attenuators) can be controlled by an E8483A. This Product Note covers how to drive microwave matrices and transfer...

Application Note 2001-05-16

VXI A Clear Choice For Atmospheric Tests
VXI A Clear Choice For Atmospheric Tests

Application Note 2001-05-04

VXI-Based Test Station Reduces Development Cost and Cycle Time
This article describes a system called the Hellfire II Common Core Test Station which can be used for both military and commerical uses.

Application Note 2001-04-13

VXI I/O Using the IEEE 1394 Serial Bus (FireWire)
FireWire, IEEE 1394, IEC 1883. These titles refer to a high-speed serial bus that is literally a new standard for transmitting data between PCs and consumer electronics.

Application Note 2001-04-13

VXI Tests Swedish Company's Welding Machines
For the complete Case Study describing the Keysight E1302A VXI test system configuration and results, please see the attached document on this page.

Application Note 2001-04-13

Switching Applications with the Keysight 34970A
We put a lot of thought into defining and designing the modules for the Keysight 34970A in order to cover a broad spectrum of switching and signal routing requirements with fewer modules.

Application Note 2001-04-13

Firewire for VXIbus, The Keysight E8491B
IEEE 488, known also as HP-IB or GPIB, started out as one of the first ways to connect a computer to external instrumentation.

Application Note 2001-04-10

Using VXI to Reduce Test-System Size and Cost
describes how how VXI hardware and updated software can simplify the redesign of older test systems

Application Note 2001-04-10

Design Verification for Mobile Phones
A European manufacturer of mobile phones is using HP VEE to dial-up higher profits and greater market share.

Application Note 2001-04-09

Transition-time Converters - Application Note
The Keysight 15432B, 15433B, 15434B, 15435A, and 15438A are converters that have been designed to convert

Application Note 2001-03-27

Adder/Splitter/Inverter - Application Note
Keysight Adder/Splitter/Inverter

Application Note 2001-03-26

An Introduction to the Keysight E6432A Plug and Play Driver
Today's VXI instruments communicate with application programs through plug&play drivers. In some cases, these drivers are just one way to communicate.

Application Note 2001-03-26

Custom Switch Matrices
Over a period of more than ten years, Keysight has developed a standard design and manufacturing process for making high performance custom switch matrices. Keysight designs matrices that are optimized for your application and specifications. This Product Note describes what a switch matrix does...

Application Note 2001-01-17

TS-5550 Cellular Phone Functional Test Platform (PN TS-5550)
This 12-page color print on demand Product Note discusses the TS-5550 platform features and benefits, including the ability to test up to four celluar phones at once. It is a flexible system for rapid development of cellular phone functional test. Configuration and ordering structure is also given.

Application Note 2000-08-01

Increasing Test System Throughput with IEEE 1394: Keysight E8491B
The Measure of a System No matter how sophisticated or complete a test system, the ultimate measure of its worth is the rate at which it can turn out tested (good) products - in a word, throughput. Throughput is affected by a variety of factors, important among which is the choice of slot...

Application Note 2000-04-01

VXI Test System Signal Switching
Test System Signal Switching One of the most complex tasks in automating a test system is ensuring that measurement accuracy is not compromised by the test and power signals....

Application Note 2000-01-01

8 More Hints for Making Better Scopes Measurements
This Application Note contains a variety of hints to help you understand and improve your use of oscilloscopes. It includes the following 8 hints: 1. Don't forget to check that probe 2. A quick, easy way to troubleshoot mixed hardware/software prototypes 3. Using scopes to measure noisy signals 4...

Application Note 1999-12-01


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