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What is the difference between an equivalent time and a real-time oscilloscope? - Application Note
This document will discuss how each type of oscilloscope samples the incoming waveform and explain the trigger requirements.

Application Note 2013-11-18

A new approach for multi-emitter test signal generation – Article
A new capture and playback approach generates multi-emitter test signals using a combination of COTS test equipment and simulation software.

Article 2013-11-15

Enhancing microwave spectroscopy in astrophysics applications – Article
An arbitrary waveform generator is the key element in this faster and more accurate method.

Article 2013-11-15

Increase Multi-Antenna Array Test Throughput with the Keysight M9703A AXIe Digitizer - Application Br
Accelerate test throughput for phased array antennas while providing increased bandwidth for advanced future test requirements beyond single-tone measurements.

Application Note 2013-11-15

M9300A PXIe Frequency Reference - Data sheet
This data sheet describes the M9300A PXIe frequency reference capabilities and it's modular advantages.

Data Sheet 2013-11-14

M9187A PXI Digital I/O Module - Data Sheet
This data sheet provides technical specifications and other information related to the M9187A PXI Digital I/O Control Module.

Data Sheet 2013-11-13

Meeting satellite testing challenges - Article
Satellites are now a critical part of the infrastructure supporting the incredible growth in demand for broadband data.

Article 2013-11-13

PXI RF Switch Modules - Flyer
One-page overview of the Keysight PXI RF switch modules including a brief summary of features, specifications, configuration, and ordering information.

Brochure 2013-11-08

AXIe and PXI Modular Test Solution for Multiband SATCOM Monitoring - Application Note
This application overview will show how to simplify multiple satellite band monitoring and analysis using the Keysight AXIe M9703A high-speed digitizer, N5183A LO, and 89601B VSA software.

Application Note 2013-11-07

Accelerate Development of Next Generation 802.11ac Wireless LAN Transmitters-Overview – App Brief
This application note overview describes how to accelerate the development of next generation 802.11ac wireless LAN transmitters.

Application Note 2013-10-29

U4421A MIPI™ D-PHY Protocol Exerciser/Analyzer - Data Sheet
Use the U4421A MIPI D-PHY Interface Analyzer and Stimulus Module to easily debug and integrate MIPI D-PHY CSI-2 or DSI interfaces and gain insight from real-time video streaming to bit level output.

Data Sheet 2013-10-18

L4451A 4-Channel Isolated D/A Converter with Memory - Data Sheet
This data sheet provides technical specifications and other information about the Keysight L4451A 4-Channel Isolated D/A Converter with Memory.

Data Sheet 2013-10-15

L4452A Multifunction with Digital I/O, D/A, Totalizer - Data Sheet
Description and technical specifications for the L4452A Multifunction with 32-bit DIO, 2-ch D/A and totalizer.

Data Sheet 2013-10-11

L4450A 64-Bit Digital I/O with Memory and Counter - Data Sheet
This data sheet provides technical specifications and other information about the Keysight L4450A 64-Bit Digital I/O with Memory and Counter.

Data Sheet 2013-10-08

M9080A & M9082A LTE FDD/TDD X-Series Measurement Application for PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer
This document provides technical and other information related to the LTE FDD/TDD X-Series measurement application for modular instruments.

Technical Overview 2013-10-02

Easily Create Custom Waveforms with Waveform Creator - Application Note
This application note provides instructions for how to create custom waveform plug-ins using the M9099 Waveform Creator application software

Application Note 2013-10-01

L4421A, 40 Channel, Armature Multiplexer - Data Sheet
This 9-page product overview of the Keysight L4421A 40-channel armature multiplexer contains product specifications as well as ordering information.

Data Sheet 2013-09-24

L4433A Dual/Quad 4x8 Reed Matrix - Data Sheet
Description and technical specifications for the L4433A dual / quad 4x8 reed matrix.

Data Sheet 2013-09-24

Understanding 802.11ad Physical Layer and Measurement Challenges Tutorial
View this 6-part recorded tutorial presented by Keysight experts for an overview of standards and market trends followed by an in-depth description of the physical-layer construction.

User Manual 2013-09-20

Press Releases for M8190A

Press Materials 2013-09-06

Press Release for M8192A
Infinite Playtime and Multichannel Support introduced for Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Press Materials 2013-09-05

M8190A Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Videos
M8190A Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Videos

Demo 2013-09-04

U4301A PCI Express® 3.0 Analyzer Module - Data Sheet
Keysight's U4301A PCI Express® 3.0 analyzer module is a protocol analyzer supporting all PCIe applications from Gen1 - Gen3 and speeds from 2.5 GT/s (Gen1) - PCI 8 GT/s (Gen3), link widths X1-X16.

Data Sheet 2013-09-04

PXI and AXIe Modular Products Catalog September 2013
Agilent PXI Modular Instrument catalog - contains measurement modules and companion software optimized for testing applications that require high-performance, speed, and throughput.

Catalog 2013-09-03

M9187A PXI Digital I/O Module - Flyer
This document provides an overview of the technical and other benefits of Keysight's digital I/O control module.

Brochure 2013-09-03


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