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Keysight Technologies announces expanded TRX module and EXM wireless test set enhancements
Keysight Technologies Announces Expanded TRX Module and EXM Wireless Test Set Enhancements

Press Materials 2014-10-01

Repository of E7515A UXM software revision documentation
The documents in this location apply only to software revision

User Manual 2014-09-30

Keysight Expands Functional Test Capabilities, Delivers Greater RF Design Confidence
The E7515A UXM wireless test set includes support for LTE-A category 7 data throughput, expanded functional test capabilities, and in-depth RF performance verification using the X-Series measurement applications.

Press Materials 2014-09-18

E6650A EXF Wireless Test Set for Femtocell - Configuration Guide
The E6650A EXF configuration guide contains a step-by-step process to help you configure the wireless test set for femtocell with hardware, software, accessories and services to meet your requirements.

Configuration Guide 2014-09-10

E6650A EXF Wireless Test Set for Femtocell - Flyer
The E6650A EXF is the industry's first one-box tester dedicated to femtocell manufacturing and it is validated with the latest cellular and WLAN chipsets.

Promotional Materials 2014-09-10

V9063B Analog Demod Measurement Application User's and Programmer's Guide
User's information for the Analog Demod mode of the Keysight E6650A EXF Wireless Test Set. (This is the content of the help file, presented in book form.)

User Manual 2014-09-01

PDF PDF 11.87 MB
E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set - Security Features and Document of Volatility
Downloadable book file which explains, for purposes of information security, where all memory devices are located in the E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set and how they can be erased.

User Manual 2014-09-01

E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set - Instrument Messages
Instrument messages for the E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set.

User Manual 2014-09-01

Articulated Robotic Near-Field Electromagnetic Scanning System – APREL
Articulated Robotic Near-Field Electromagnetic Scanning System – APREL and Keysight.

Solution Brief 2014-08-04

Solutions for LTE-Advanced Manufacturing Test - Application Note
This “Solutions for LTE-Advanced Manufacturing Test” application note gives insight into how to better understand the requirements for LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation manufacturing test.

Application Note 2014-08-04

E1962B cdma2000/IS-95/AMPS Mobile Test Application - Technical Overivew
This technical overview covers the technical specifications/features of E1962B cdma2000 mobile test application, E6702C cdma2000 lab application, and E5515C mainframe

Technical Overview 2014-08-02

N7300 Series Chipset Software - Technical Overview
To use with the Keysight N4010A wireless connectivity test set & the Keysight N9010A EXA and N9020A MXA signal analyzers, the N7300 Series chipset software provides control, calibration and test.

Technical Overview 2014-07-31

E6965A Location Server Emulator - Technical Overview
The 8960 (E5515C) with appropriate Lab Applications already supports testing of A-GPS via control plane RRLP or RRC messaging. The E6965A complements this solution, facilitating A-GPS/location-service testing via the user plane (IP data) by emulating a SUPL Location Platform (SLP). This makes it possible to test SUPL Enabled Terminal (SET) on the bench.

Technical Overview 2014-07-31

E1963A W-CDMA Mobile Test Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview provides key capabilities and specifications for the E1963A W-CDMA mobile test application.

Technical Overview 2014-05-19

E1966A 1xEV-DO Terminal Test Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview provides the specifications for the E1966A 1xEV-DO test application to verify and ensure the quality of RF performance of these devices.

Technical Overview 2014-05-19

E5515C/E (8960) Wireless Communications Test Set - Technical Overview
Provides a brief overview of the E5515C/E wireless communications test set and specifications.

Technical Overview 2014-05-19

E1968A GSM/GPRS/EGPRS Test Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview for the E1968A test application highlights key benefits, functionality, operating modes, and technical specifications.

Technical Overview 2014-05-19

Agilent's UXM Wireless Test Set Accelerates Marvell's LTE-Advanced Category 7 Chipset Development
Agilent and Marvell worked in concert to achieve sustained bidirectional 300 Mbps downlink/100 Mbps uplink data throughput using 3GPP release 10 downlink and uplink carrier aggregation.

Press Materials 2014-05-06

A-GPS OTA Measurements for CTIA Certification - MVG
A-GPS OTA Multi-Probe Antenna Measurement Solutions for CTIA Certification from Microwave Vision Group and Keysight

Solution Brief 2014-04-30

A-GPS OTA Measurements for CTIA Certification – ETS-Lindgren
A-GPS OTA Antenna Measurement Solution for CTIA Certification from ETS-Lindgren and Keysight

Solution Brief 2014-04-29

Real-Time Near-Field Cell Phone Antenna Measurements - EMSCAN
Real-Time Near-Field Cell Phone Antenna Measurements from EMSCAN and Keysight

Solution Brief 2014-04-16

E6630A Wireless Connectivity Test Set - Modernizing Manufacturing Test - Flyer
Accelerate manufacturing test of access points, laptops, smartphones, tables and other devices with wireless connectivity interfaces-including 802.11ac WLAN, 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth, and GNSS.

Brochure 2014-03-13

E6618A Multiport Adapter - Data Sheet
This data sheet provides nominal specifications for the Keysight E6618A, which is used with the Keysight E6630A wireless connectivity test set for non-signaling wireless connectivity manufacturing test.

Data Sheet 2014-03-05

E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set Ready for Volume Production of LTE-A, 802.11ac WLAN Devices
Agilent Technologies today announced the E6640A EXM wireless test set, which offers breakthrough manufacturing-test scalability in technology coverage, performance and capacity to test up to 32 cellular and wireless-connectivity devices in parallel.

Press Materials 2014-02-13

UXM Wireless Test Set Demo Videos on YouTube
Explore YouTube for videos of the UXM wireless test set

Demo 2014-02-13

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