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What is required to run EasyEXPERT 3.2 to 4.11?
The software requirements of EasyEXPERT 3.2 to 4.11 are as follows.

FAQ 2011-10-26

What is required to run EasyEXPERT 4.2 or later?
Click the above link for details.

FAQ 2011-10-26

Does Keysight provide the upgrade product for OS of B1500A from XP to Windows 7?
No, it doesn't.

FAQ 2011-10-26

Where can I find system requirements for Desktop EasyEXPERT?
System requirements for Desktop EasyEXPERT can be found in the B1500A data sheet.

FAQ 2011-02-15

How do I get the license of EasyEXPERT/Desktop EasyEXPERT Plus edition properly?
Refer to the Software Entitlement Certificate furnished with the software and follow the notice.

FAQ 2008-10-02