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B1505A Power Device Analyzer/Curve Tracer
This document describes the general features of the B1505A, which has a curve-tracer mode and can characterize power devices from the sub-picoamp level up to 3000 V and 20 A.

Brochure 2008-11-03

AN B1500A-10 Ultra-Fast 1 us NBTI Characterization Using the Keysight B1500A's WGFMU Module
This application note explains how the B1500's WGFMU module provides solutions that meet the needs of ultra-fast NBTI measurement.

Application Note 2008-08-31

Total Analysis Environment for Modeling
Keysight IC-CAP is flexible and high-performance software that is capable of accurate device characterization, analysis, and easy measurement, and these capabilities take on importance for today's semiconductor modeling.

Application Note 2008-08-21

High Speed Modeling System with IC-CAP
Keysight has new modeling system configurations that meet the needs of advanced semiconductor processes.

Application Note 2008-08-21

AN B1500A-9 Improving Flash Memory Cell Characterization Using the Keysight B1500A
This application note describes how the B1500A HV-SPGU module meets the needs of advanced NVM cell testing and how it can dramatically reduce test times.

Application Note 2008-05-28

B1500A HV-SPGU NVM Testing Demos

Demo 2008-03-26

Agilent Technologies Reduces Endurance Test Time for Non-Volatile Memory Cells from Days to Hours
Enhanced Software Test Shell with EasyEXPERT Expands Testing, Characterization Capabilities

Press Materials 2007-06-28

AN B1500A-8 Multi-Channel Parallel Timing-on-the-fly NBTI Characterization Using Keysight B1500A
This four-page application note details how to implement the parallel NBTI using the B1500A by showing a preparation of the device setup for parallel testing.

Application Note 2007-04-01

Switching Matrix Product Brochure
Product brochure for the B2200A, B2201A and E5250A low-leakage switching matrices

Brochure 2007-02-15

Solving the Most Difficult Switching Challenges
This 12-page color brochure details the features and competitive advantages of the Keysight family of low-leakage switches. It also contains a switching solutions selection guide with basic technical specifications.

Brochure 2006-11-08

AN B1500A-7 Using the Keysight B1500A with a Nanoprober to Perform Failure Analysis
This application note introduces a new failure analysis technique that use nanoprobes and B1500A.

Application Note 2006-11-04

Demo video of EasyEXPERT for B1500A/B1505A
The Keysight EasyEXPERT is GUI based essential software working on the B1500A/B1505A embedded Windows7

Demo 2006-10-01

AN B1500A-6 Accurate NBTI Characterization Using Timing-on-the-Fly Sampling Mode
This four-page application note details how the B1500A and Keysight's timing-on-the-fly NBTI test method solves many of the problems associated with traditional NBTI test methods.

Application Note 2006-10-01

AN B1500A-4 Customizing Keysight B1500A EasyEXPERT Application Test
This application note shows how easy it is to change the input parameter range in a furnished B1500A application test.

Application Note 2006-09-21

E5262A/E5263A 2 Channel Source/Monitor Unit
E5262A/E5263A is 2-Channel Source/Monitor Unit. E5262A provides two medium power SMU. E5263A provides one medium power SMU and one high power SMU.

Technical Overview 2006-08-21

AN B1500A-5 Creating a Test Sequence Using Keysight B1500A EasyEXPERT Software
This 12-page application note demonstrates how a test sequence can be created using tests from the CMOS category using the furnished EasyEXPERT "Id-VD" and "Vth gmMax" application test definitions as an example.

Application Note 2006-08-01

Technical Overview :Technique for Controlling Keysight External DC Power Supply
Technique for Controlling Keysight External DC Power Supply From SMU to expand SMU output power capability.

Application Note 2006-08-01

AN B1500A-3 IV and CV Measurement Using the Keysight B1500A MFCMU and SCUU
This application note describes how to make current-voltage and capacitance-voltage measurements using the B1500A multifrequency capacitance measurement unit and SMU CMU unify unit.

Application Note 2005-08-01

16495C/D/E/F/G/H/J Connector Plate Installation Guide
Provides installation information of 16495 Connector Plate.

Installation Manual 2005-07-01

AN B1500A-1 Measuring CNT FETs and CNT SETs Using the Keysight B1500A
The Keysight B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer has added benefits not found in the 4155C and 4156C.

Application Note 2005-03-31

E5260 Series Quick Reference
A 2-page quick reference guide to using the E5260A/E5262A/E5263A from the front panel.

Quick Start Guide 2004-10-01

E5270B 8 Slot Precision Measurement Mainframe
The E5270B is completely user-configurable. You can install up to eight single-slot modules, up to four dual-slot modules, or any physically allowable combination thereof.

Technical Overview 2004-09-01

High Speed L-I-V Test of Laser Diode Using Keysight E5272A/E5273A AN E5270-4
This application note introduces a technique of programming for high speed L-I-V test of Laser Diode in production.

Application Note 2003-10-17

Evaluation of High Voltage Characteristics of Semiconductor Processes and Devices to 400V AN E5270-3
This application note introduces a technique for expanding the output voltage using the SMU of the Keysight E5270A 8-slot Parametric Measuremnet Mainframe.

Application Note 2003-10-06

E5270B Parametric Measurement Solution Quick Reference
A 2-page quick reference guide to using the E5270B from the front panel.

Quick Start Guide 2003-10-01


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