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Designing, Verifying and Testing Stepped Frequency Radar Systems for Commercial and A/D Applications
This note shows a simulation platform using SystemVue software that easily links measurement tools to enable the design, validation and test of SFR systems under different environments.

Application Note 2012-10-18

Agilent to Demonstrate Newest Microwave and RF Design and Test Solutions at European Microwave Week
Agilent announces it will show its newest microwave and RF design, test and measurement solutions for the aerospace, defense, research, education, communications, transportation and medical markets at European Microwave Week (Booth 114), Oct. 29- 31, at the RAI convention center in Amsterdam.

Press Materials 2012-10-17

Enabling Fast Characterization of PA Performance with Modulated Signals
Microwave Product Digest (MPD) featured article written by Agilent Technologies' Andy Howard.

Journal 2012-10-15

Wideband Digital Pre-Distortion with Keysight SystemVue and PXI Modular Instrument
Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) is essential for wideband communications systems based on LTE-Advanced and 802.11ac. Overcome DPD challenges with trusted commercial measurement and modeling tools.

Application Note 2012-10-15

Murata Component Library released for Agilent Technologies' Genesys
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. announces their release of a component library for Agilent's Genesys software.

Press Materials 2012-10-10

GoldenGate 2012.08 (4.6.8) Release Notes
GoldenGate Product Release Notes for versions 2012.08 (4.6.8), 2012.07 (4.6.7), 2012.05 (4.6.6), 2012.04 (4.6.5), 2012.03 (4.6.4), 2012.02 (4.6.3), 2012.01 (4.6.2), 2011.12 (4.6.1), 2011.10 (4.6.0),

Release Notes 2012-10-10

GoldenGate 2011.02 (4.5) Release Notes
GoldenGate Product Release Notes for versions 2011.08 (4.5.3), 2011.07 (4.5.2), 2011.05 (4.5.1),2011.02 (4.5.0)

Release Notes 2012-10-10

Agilent Technologies Unveils ADS 2012 Software
Agilent unveils ADS 2012, the next major release of its Advanced Design System (ADS) flagship RF and microwave EDA platform.

Press Materials 2012-10-03

Agilent's EMPro Selected by STMicroelectronics for ESD Development in 40-nm IC Products
Agilent announces that STMicroelectronics has selected EMPro software for use in development of ESD structures based on advanced CMOS process technology.

Press Materials 2012-10-02

Explore the SERDES Design Space Using the IBIS AMI Channel Simulation Flow
Simulation of modern chip-to-chip links requires you abandon the SPICE-based approach and adopt a new approach based on an IBIS AMI channel simulation flow.

Application Note 2012-09-21

Virtual Flight Testing of Radar System Performance
Keysight SystemVue and AGI STK can be integrated to provide virtual flight testing of radar and electronic warfare algorithms, saving both time and money.

Application Note 2012-09-21

STATS ChipPAC Launches QFN Package Design Kit for Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System
STATS ChipPAC announces the launch of its Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package design kit for ADS.

Press Materials 2012-09-12

The Power of S-Parameters for High Speed Digital Design Tutorial
Learn to use S-parameters for high-speed digital designs with this video tutorial.

Promotional Materials 2012-09-07

Genesys RF/MW Software, Webcasts & Textbook Workspaces DVD Request
Genesys RF/MW Software, Webcasts & Textbook Workspaces DVD Request form.

Promotional Materials 2012-08-31

GoldenGate Key Features
Brief overview of the key features and capabilities of Keysight's GoldenGate RFIC Simulation Software.

Technical Overview 2012-08-31

Zuken Announces Enhanced Integration of Board Designer with Advanced Design System
Zuken, a leader in PCB Systems and IC Package design, announces enhancements to its integration between Zuken’s Board Designer solution and Agilent's Advanced Design System (ADS) software.

Press Materials 2012-08-30

FPGA Prototyping Using Keysight SystemVue
This application note describes a top-down FPGA design flow using SystemVue for rapid prototyping of physical layer communications signal processing.

Application Note 2012-08-30

Realistic Ultra-Wideband Radar Signal Generation Using Keysight SystemVue
To lower test costs SystemVue can be used with Keysight test equipment to model realistic environment and jamming scenarios, which often involve costly outdoor ranges, chambers, and real-time hardware simulators. Watch the YouTube video to see how.

Demo 2012-08-23

Agilent Technologies Ships New Software for Generating and Qualifying SPICE Models
Agilent today announced shipment of its first release of the industry-leading SPICE modeling tools it obtained through the acquisition of Accelicon Technologies in February.

Press Materials 2012-08-23

AMA 2012.07 Release Notes
Advanced Model Analysis (AMA) 2012.07 product release notes.

Release Notes 2012-08-17

MBP 2012.07 Installation and License Setup
Quick installation and license setup information for MBP 2012.07.

Installation Manual 2012-08-17

AMA 2012.07 Installation and License Setup
Quick installation and license setup information for AMA 2012.07.

Installation Manual 2012-08-17

MQA 2012.07 Installation and License Setup
Quick installation and license setup information for MQA 2012.07.

Installation Manual 2012-08-17

MBP 2012.07 Release Notes
Model Builder Program (MBP) 2012.07 product release notes.

Release Notes 2012-08-14

MQA 2012.07 Release Notes
Model Quality Assurance (MQA) 2012.07 product release notes.

Release Notes 2012-08-14

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