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ams releases interoperable PDK for its 0.35µm analog specialty processes
ams announces the availability of its first interoperable process design kit (iPDK) for its 0.35µm analog specialty processes.

Press Materials 2016-03-22

E-Band Signal Analysis Solution - Solution Brochure
The Keysight E-band signal analysis solution provides a flexible, multichannel measurement solution for wideband mmW signal types. This document explains the integrated solution.

Brochure 2016-03-22

Keysight to Demonstrate Innovative Test Solutions for Power Conversion Device/System Design at APEC
Keysight announces it will demonstrate innovative design and test solutions at the Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC), Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Booth 1252, Long Beach, Calif., March 20-24.

Press Materials 2016-03-18

Noise Figure Selection Guide - Minimizing the Uncertainties - Selection Guide
This selection guide, which includes a brief noise figure primer and our current product lineup, is designed to help you find the best solution for your application.

Selection Guide 2016-03-18

Analog Devices Sys-Parameter Library for Keysight’s Genesys Software Significantly Eases RF Design
Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announces the release of an extensive RF amplifier library of Sys-Parameters models for Keysight Technologies, Inc.’s Genesys RF simulation and synthesis software.

Press Materials 2016-03-17

Multi-Emitter Scenario Generator, Reference Solution - Brochure
This solution brochure describes the hardware, software and calibration solution for multi-emitter scenario generation based on multiple coherent UXGs.

Brochure 2016-03-15

Spectrum Visualizer (OSV) Software - Data Sheet
The Keysight Spectrum Visualizer (ASV) software provides advanced FFT frequency domain analysis for the InfiniiVision and Infiniium Series high performance oscilloscopes ata cost-effective price

Data Sheet 2016-03-14

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Releases New 7SW SOI RF PDK Featuring Latest ADS Software
GLOBALFOUNDRIES announces the availability of a new set of PDKs with an interoperable co-design flow to help chip designers improve design efficiency and deliver differentiated RF front-end solutions in increasingly sophisticated mobile devices.

Press Materials 2016-03-10

ADS Workspaces Download for RF and Microwave Circuit Design
ADS workspaces download, "RF and Microwave Circuit Design: A Design Approach Using (ADS)" and "100 ADS Design Examples: Based on the Textbook: RF and Microwave Circuit Design" by Ali Behagi.

Promotional Materials 2016-03-08

Benefit from Dramatic Improvements with a Transition from the 4155/4156 Analyzer Series
This technical overview introduces benefits of a transition from the 4155/4156 analyzer series to the most up to date analyzers.

Technical Overview 2016-03-08

N8829A 100GBASE-KR4 Compliance Test Application Methods of Implementation
The N8829A N8829A 100GBASE-KR4 Compliance Test Application is an Ethernet test solution that covers the electrical timing parameters for N8829A 100GBASE-KR4 specification (IEEE 802.3).

Reference Guide 2016-03-08

Keysight EEsof EDA Newsletter - Product and Application News
Keep tabs on the latest product and application news and review the archives of the Keysight EEsof EDA Newsletter.

Newsletter 2016-03-07

N7610B Signal Studio for Short Range Communications - Technical Overview
The N7610B Signal Studio software for short range communications consists of short-range wireless technologies currently used in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) markets.

Technical Overview 2016-03-04

E5061B Network Analyzer - Configuration Guide
This literature guides the customers through configuring the E5061B when they plan to purchase it. It contains the information on options, accessories, and services available with the E5061B.

Configuration Guide 2016-03-04

Demonstrate LTE-A Pro 1Gbps IP Data Throughput with UXM Wireless Test Set at Mobile World Congress

Press Materials 2016-03-02

N9069C Noise Figure Measurement Guide
Measurement information for the N9069C Noise Figure Signal Analyzer.

User Manual 2016-03-01

Online Help, N6463B Thunderbolt Compliance Test Application
Contains help on the electrical tests that are performed by the N6463B Thunderbolt compliance test application.

Help File 2016-03-01

CHM CHM 12.77 MB
N5461A Serial Data Equalization User's Guide
This book covers the theory of equalization and how to use the Serial Data Equalization application with the Infiniium 90000A Series oscilloscope.

Service Manual 2016-03-01

N5416A/B USB 2.0 Compliance Test Option, Notes on Electrical Testing
This manual contains notes on the electrical tests that are performed by the USB 2.0 compliance test option; it describes the equipment used, and it describes how the tests are performed.

Reference Guide 2016-03-01

PDF PDF 15.95 MB
E5071C Security Features
Describes how to use ENA security features to protect and remove classified proprietary information stored or displayed in the instrument.

Reference Guide 2016-03-01

Keysight MultiScope Hardware Configuration Guide
This guide describes the equipment required to configure MultiScope systems and shows you how to set up and connect the equipment.

User Manual 2016-03-01

PDF PDF 11.03 MB
Online Help, N5416A/B USB 2.0 Compliance Test Software
This online help shows how to use the N5416A/B USB 2.0 compliance test software.

Help File 2016-03-01

CHM CHM 20.93 MB
E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set Getting Started Guide
Getting started information for the E6640A EXM wireless test set.

User Manual 2016-03-01

How to Ensure Interoperability and Compliance of USB Type-C™ Cables and Connectors- Application Note
Integrating USB Type-C into products, while ensuring interoperability and compliance, is challenging. This measurement brief covers USB Type-C cable and connector design and test solutions.

Application Note 2016-02-29

Overcoming LTE/LTE-A RF Test Challenges - Application Note
This application note covers test implications for recent LTE-A updates. Proposes solutions using the multi-touch MXA X-Series Signal Analyzer and LTE/LTE-A X-Series measurement applications.

Application Note 2016-02-22


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