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89600 VSA Software Installation Guide
This manual documents the Keysight 89600 VSA software installation procedures.

Installation Manual 2016-04-01

N9082B LTE-Advanced TDD User's & Programmer's Reference
User's information on the N9080B LTE-Advanced TDD Measurement application installed on an X-Series signal analyzer.

User Manual 2016-04-01

PDF PDF 21.79 MB
Methods of Implementation, N6469A eDP Electrical Performance and Characterization Test Software
Contains notes on the electrical tests that are performed by the eDP test software.

User Manual 2016-04-01

89600 VSA Software Quick Start Guide
This guide documents how to install the Keysight 89600 software and a transportable license. It also documents how to view the software's online help and demo signal packages.

User Manual 2016-04-01

N9076A & W9076A 1xEV-DO User's and Programmer's Reference
User's and programmer's reference information for the N9076A & W9076A 1xEV-DO measurement application. For use with the X-Series signal analyzers (MXA/EXA).

User Manual 2016-04-01

PDF PDF 19.90 MB
E2688A, N5384A High-Speed Serial Data Analysis and Clock Recovery Software - Data Sheet
The E2688A serial data analysis software provides engineers with a fast and easy way to validate signal integrity for serial interface designs. The E2688A, when used with the 54850 Series Infiniium real-time oscilloscopes, performs mask testing and characterizes serial data streams that employ embedded clocks. The E2688A enables engineers to verify compliance to computer, communication, and data communications standards such as PCI Express, Serial ATA, Fibre Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet.

Data Sheet 2016-04-01

N5430A User Defined Function User’s and Programmer’s Guide
Describes the procedures required by the User Defined Function in more detail.

User Manual 2016-04-01

N9079A & W9079A TD-SCDMA with HSDPA/8PSK User's and Programmer's Reference
User's and programmer's reference information for the N9079A-1FP TD-SCDMA and N9079A-2FP HSDPA/8PSK measurement application. For use with the X-Series signal analyzers (PXA/MXA/EXA/CXA).

User Manual 2016-04-01

PDF PDF 16.14 MB
T9080B LTE/ LTE-A FDD X-Series Measurement Application Help (.chm file)
This Help file describes the settings and remote programming commands (SCPI) for the LTE/LTE-A FDD mode of the LTE/LTE-A X-Series Application of the E7515A UXM Test Set. You must copy this file to your PC (or to the Test Set) in order to view its contents. To replace the current version of this help file in your Test Set, copy this file to the location listed under the Help topic: Using Help.

Help File 2016-04-01

CHM CHM 10.79 MB
N9080B LTE-Advanced FDD User's and Programmer's Reference
Information on the N9080B LTE-Advanced FDD measurement application installed on an x-series signal analyzer.

User Manual 2016-04-01

PDF PDF 21.50 MB
Signal Studio Waveform Licenses User's Guide
This document describes how to use the Signal Studio software to configure, generate, and download waveform files to your instrument.

User Manual 2016-04-01

Protocol Logging and Analysis Software (E7515A-L01) - User Guide
Installation and user information for the Protocol Logging & Analysis software. You must have this license (E7515A-L01) to capture data from the UXM

User Manual 2016-04-01

BenchVue Software 1-year Education License Bundle (BV9101A) - Product Fact Sheet
The BenchVue Education Bundle enables universities and colleges to use one software tool to interact with their instrumentation and unlocks extended applications beyond the no-cost BenchVue version available to students.

Promotional Materials 2016-03-31

Signal Integrity Tips and Techniques Using TDR, VNA and Modeling - Article Reprint
Time and frequency domain analyses for simulation and measurements provide quick solutions for characterizing signal losses and identifying elements that control performance.

Article 2016-03-31

The PDN Bandini Mountain and Other Things I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know
"In engineering, it's what you don't know you don't know that can ruin your day and keep you awake at nights." From Bert Simonovich's practical design notes.

Journal 2016-03-30

FieldFox RF Analyzer N9912A 4/6 GHz - Technical Overview
Learn how the Keysight FieldFox RF Analyzer solves wireless service providers toughest challenges. FieldFox is the most integrated handheld instrument for wireless installation and maintenance on the market today.

Technical Overview 2016-03-29

BenchVue Power Analyzer App - Data Sheet
Use the BenchVue Power Analyzer App's easy-to-use interface to connect, control, and visualize your Keysight PA2200 Series power analyzer measurements and analyses easier than ever before.

Data Sheet 2016-03-29

N9923A FieldFox RF Vector Network Analyzer 4/6 GHz - Data Sheet
N9923A FieldFox RF Vector Network Analyzer - Data Sheet

Data Sheet 2016-03-29

FieldFox Handheld Analyzers 4/6.5/9/14/18/26.5/32/44/50 GHz - Data Sheet
This data sheet provides the specified and typical performance of the FieldFox family of portable analyzers. This guide should be used in conjunction with technical overviews and configuration guide.

Data Sheet 2016-03-29

FieldFox Handheld Analyzers 4/6.5/9/14/18/26.5/32/44/50 GHz - Technical Overview
Now there’s a rugged, dependable handheld designed to deliver precise, lab-grade measurements up to 50 GHz. Learn more about the FieldFox microwave analyzers.

Technical Overview 2016-03-28

N9923A FieldFox Handheld RF Vector Network Analyzer 4/6 GHz - Technical Overview
Keysight’s FieldFox RF VNA is the world’s most accurate handheld network analyzer. Learn how its built-in QuickCal capability enables field calibration without a cal kit and find out how you can make network analysis measurements in the field easier, convenient, and more reliable.

Technical Overview 2016-03-28

eDP 1.4 Electrical Performance and Characterization Software - Data Sheet
Keysight's eDP 1.4 electrical performance and characterization software gives you a fast and easy way to verify and debug your eDP interface designs for embedded systems.

Data Sheet 2016-03-28

U7238C/D MIPI D-PHY Compliance Test Software for Infiniium Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
U7238C/D MIPI D-PHY compliance test software for Infiniium oscilloscopes gives you a fast, easy way to validate and debug your embedded D-PHY data links.

Data Sheet 2016-03-25

E5061B-3L3/3L4/3L5 LF-RF Network Analyzer with Option 005 Impedance Analysis Function - Data Sheet
The E5061B-005 is the impedance analysis firmware option for the E5061B-3L5 ENA Series LF-RF network analyzer. The E5061B-005 combines network analysis (NA) and impedance analysis (ZA) functions in a single instrument, with comprehensive component and circuit characterization

Data Sheet 2016-03-25

Enabling Noise Measurements on Magnetic Sensors
This document describes how to use the Keysight E4727A Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer to simplify noise measurements on magnetic sensors.

Application Note 2016-03-24

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