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Spectrum Analysis Basics - Application Note
This application note (also known as AN 150) explains the fundamentals of swept-tuned, superheterodyne spectrum analyzers and discusses the latest advances in spectrum analyzer capabilities.

Application Note 2016-10-01

Analyzing Frequency Stability in the Frequency and Time Domains - Application Note
Describes both methods with an emphasis on practical, cost-effective solutions. For those who are new to the time-domain perspective, two proven frequency-to-time conversion methods are also presented.

Application Note 2014-08-11

Measuring the Dependence of Optical Amplifiers on Input Power Using an Attenuator
This application note describes the important optical amplifier properties of gain and noise figures and their dependence on the powers and wavelengths of the input signals.

Application Note 2014-07-31

Spectrum and Signal Analyzer Measurements and Noise Application Note 1303
Noise is the classical limitation of electronics. In this application note, the characteristics of noise and its direct measurement are discussed in detail.

Application Note 2012-05-04

Spectrum Analysis: Amplitude and Frequency Modulation (AN 150-1) - Application Note
Modulation is the act of translating some low-frequency or base-band signal (voice, music, data) to a higher frequency. Why do we modulate signals? There are at least two reasons: to allow the simultaneous transmission of two or more baseband signals by translating them to different frequencies...

Application Note 2001-10-01

Variable Optical Attenuator in BER Test Applications
This application note will help users of optical attenuators to understand the key features of Keysight’s new attenuator family.

Application Note 2001-08-23

WDM System Test with the Keysight 86120 Multi-Wavelength Meter ( PN 86120-1)
This product note addresses the WDM system, the design and maintenance issues warranting measurement, and how the Keysight 86120 Multi-Wavelength Meter can be used to easily...

Application Note 2000-08-01

Lightwave Signal Analyzers Measure Relative Intensity Noise (PN 71400-1)
This product note describes techniques to measure laser intensity noise with the Keysight 714000C and 71410C lightwave signal analyzers. It includes RIN examples and measurements.

Application Note 2000-07-01