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All M9202A PXI Express 12-bit Wideband IF Digitizer IVI and MATLAB Instrument Drivers
Supported models: M9202A

FAQ 2014-08-12

Why are USB modular instruments (U2700 Series) and USB DAQ modules (U2300, U2500, U2600 Series) not detectable by the E5810B?
Establish the connection between the USB modular Instrument and the PC directly, and then disconnect the device from the PC (while it’s still powered-on), and connect to E5810B.

FAQ 2014-04-17

What type of internal memory is installed into the L4532A/34A LXI Digitizers?
Please refer to the document linked to this page for a comprehensive listing of memory installed into the Keysight L4532A/34A LXI Digitizers.

FAQ 2014-04-07

L453xA: Is there any way to implement LXI class B synchronization over large areas?
The L453xA digitizer does not support LXI class B directly. However consider using...

FAQ 2014-04-07

Why does the chassis Soft Front Panel (SFP) not start when I connect to the chassis with my Windows XP PC?
The Keysight PXIe and AXIe chassis require Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed on the PC in order for the SFP to work. Windows XP does not have this loaded automatically. If you are using a Windows XP PC, please install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 from Microsoft website.

FAQ 2013-07-10

Which AXIe modules can be controlled using the USB option on the AXIe chassis ESM (M9502A-U20 and M9505A-U20)?
The only modules supported through USB connectivity to a host PC are the following Keysight logic and protocol analyzer modules.

FAQ 2013-02-05

Why is my M9502A or M9505A Soft Front Panel (SFP) displaying error “Unable to open instrument. Driver initialization failed.”
A 32-bit mDNS responder is required for 32-bit applications running on a 64-bit OS when using IOLS 16.2. Installing the 32-bit mDNS responder patch below will add a 32-bit mDNS responder to appropriately resolve mDNS names to an IP address for these applications.

FAQ 2012-10-10

What can I do if the Keysight USB Modular Instrument driver installations failed to complete installation on a Windows 7 environment?
If you encountered the event mentioned above, follow the installation best practices steps below.

FAQ 2012-07-25

What can I do if I fail to establish hardware connection after successfully installing Keysight USB modular instrument driver on a Win7 environment?
If you encountered the event mentioned above, follow the installation best practices steps below.

FAQ 2012-07-25

What changed in the Fan Control for the M9502A and M9505A with firmware 1.3.23?
The Fan Speed parameter changed from 8-15 to 35-100.

FAQ 2012-03-27

Keysight Driver Migration Tool

FAQ 2012-01-20

How do you clear the M9202A PXI Express 12-bit Wideband IF Digitizer memory?

FAQ 2011-08-18

How do you clear the M9502A and M9505A AXIe Chassis memory?

FAQ 2011-07-08

Can the AC Flatness be adjusted on the L4532A / L4534A?
The AC Flatness is a characteristic that is not warranted. It is normally only adjusted at manufacturing time, however, since it was adjusted at manufacturing time it is possible to re-adjust it...

FAQ 2011-03-21

Which computers has Keysight tested with PXI or AXIe chassis?
Keysight maintains a list of tested computers...

FAQ 2011-03-14

Is it normal to not be able to set sample point in AMM for U2300A/2500A?
Yes. AMM assigns the sample point automatically.

FAQ 2010-12-20

What is the best way to ensure simultaneous triggering of multiple units of modular products?
Using the cardcage, U2781A is the best way of ensuring simultaneous triggering of multiple units

FAQ 2010-12-20

Do these products appear in the Keysight connection expert?

FAQ 2010-10-11

Where can customers download instrument drivers? (LabVIEW,,…)
The instrument drivers are provided with each instrument on a CD...

FAQ 2010-10-06

How do I find a partner to help develop my modular solution?
Keysight has a number of solution partners that can help define and create your modular solution...

FAQ 2010-10-06

What is the data transfer rate of PXI, PXIe, and AXIe?
PXI-1 has two variants...

FAQ 2010-10-06

Will ExpressVIs work with Keysight hardware?
No. Keysight has VIs available to use with LabView but not ExpressVIs.

FAQ 2010-10-06

Where can customers find user manuals and example programs for AXIe & PXIe products?
Datasheets of modular products will be included on the CD shipped with every product and will be available on from the product page...

FAQ 2010-10-06

What is the difference between PXIe and AXIe?
The AXIe standard provides the maximum scalability to address a range of platforms...

FAQ 2010-10-06

What is the difference between AXIe 1.0 and 3.1?
The AXIe 1.0 specification is a base-level standard for "general-purpose" applications...

FAQ 2010-10-06

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