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Probing Solutions for Logic Analyzers - Data Sheet
A total overview of the probing solutions for logic analyzer applications. In addition, technical information is provided to help the customer understand how these probes are deployed.

Data Sheet 2015-10-12

Soft Touch Connectorless Logic Analyzer Probes - Application Notes

Application Note 2015-05-20

16800 Series Portable Logic Analyzers - Data Sheet
The 16800 Series logic analyzers give you more measurement capabilities to overcome your toughest digital debug challenges - without spending more. 8 fixed configuration models offer 34, 68, 102, 136, or 204 channels of logic analysis. 3 of the 8 models also include a built-in 48-channel logic analyzer. Large, 15 inch display is standard. Touch screen is optional.

Data Sheet 2015-03-20

Pro Series Soft Touch Connectorless Probes User's Guide
This user's guide tells you how to design your target system to accept the probe, and how to use the probe.

User Manual 2014-12-16

Logic Analyzer Probing Selection Card
This card describes the probes and accessories available for Keysight logic analyzers.

Selection Guide 2014-10-10

Measurement Modules for the 16900 Series - Data Sheet
Keysight Technologies Measurement Modules for the 16900 Series

Data Sheet 2007-11-01

Pro Series Soft Touch Footprint for Automated Layout
The .dfx file provides the Pro Series Soft Touch footprint for automated layout.

Data Sheet 2007-09-21

Logic Analyzer Probing Techniques for High-Speed Digital Systems - Application Notes
Discusses the impact of adding logic analysis testability to PCB's. Examples of today's logic analyzer probing solutions are presented and the advantages and disadvantages of each solution are discussed.

Application Note 2003-03-24

Debugging Parallel RapidIO Designs

Application Note 2003-01-09

Digital Debug Solution for RapidIO Buses

Technical Overview 2002-12-11

E5387/90A probe load Spice model

Application Note 2002-09-27