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What is the RF Test Blog?
RF engineers know that making good measurements is a challenge. The RF Test Blog was created as a resource for RF engineers to find ways to make better RF measurements.

FAQ 2013-12-17

Is Option 1PA (High Power Attenuator) an Internal or External Attenuator?
N9310A Option 1PA is an external, Type N connector...

FAQ 2012-01-04

Does the N9310A have a SCPI command similar to a LEARN string to query a complete description of its current setup?
The N9310A does not have a specific command which will provide all the data on one request.

FAQ 2010-08-15

The N9310A display is not updated when in remote control. Is this normal?
Running your N9310A in remote mode brings forward the following two symbols...:

FAQ 2010-08-13

How do I upgrade my N9310A RF Signal Generator?
Find Information on Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Software, etc...

FAQ 2010-01-19

How Do I Update My N9310A Firmware?
Follow these steps...

FAQ 2009-07-13

What Are the PC Requirements For the N9310A Firmware Update Assistant?
PC requirements for the latest version of the N9310A Firmware Update Assistant are as follows..

FAQ 2007-02-22

Why is the N9310A amplitude between -50 dBm and -30 dBm not accurate when measured by the power meter?
The power meter and wideband power sensor (such as the E4112) is not the best way to measure low level signals...

FAQ 2007-02-22

Can I upgrade my N9310A to N9310A-001(Analog IQ Modulator Option)?
Yes you can.

FAQ 2007-02-22

How to Configure the N9310A to Remotely Control by USB.
Connect the instrument to a PC through the rear panel “Device end” USB port.

FAQ 2007-02-21

How Do I Find Internal Instrument Information, Such As The Firmware Revision?
Press the Utility key on the front panel, press the Information softkey.

FAQ 2007-02-21

Can I Mount the N9310A Into a Rack?
You can order the rack mount kit.

FAQ 2007-02-21