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Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators

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Comparison: 33220A/33250A to 33500B/33600A Trueform Series Waveform Generators – Migration Guide
This migration guide provides a comparison of the 33220A/33250A and their replacement, the 33500B/33600A Trueform Series waveform generators.

Reference Guide 2015-05-21

Using a Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator to Generate Pulses - Application Note
A Function Generator can be a low cost alternative for creating simple pulses. This application note describes several techniques for creating pulses using a Function Generator.

Application Note 2015-02-19

Declaration of Conformity
Search Keysight Regulatory database for the most recent Declaration of Conformity statement for your product.

Reference Guide 2014-08-01

Transferring Arbitrary Waveform Data to the 33200A Family of Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators
This application note will review three methods of transferring arbitrary waveform data to 33200A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators: front panel, Keysight IntuiLink Waveform Editor, and programming.

Application Note 2014-07-31

Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator Selection Guide

Selection Guide 2014-02-27

Automating Communications Measurement - Article
This article demonstrates how you can automate measurements, control instruments, develop GUI-based applications, and generate reports for the Agilent 33220A waveform generator using MATLAB software.

Article 2013-02-07

33220A and 33250A Arbitrary/Function Generators Quick Fact Sheet
This Quick Fact Sheet shows how the Keysight 33220A and 33250A Arbitrary/Function Generators can provide high quality, low distortion built-in waveforms plus arbitrary capability (in German)

Promotional Materials 2011-06-10

Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators in Systems (10 MHz to 80 MHz)
Function generators & arbitrary waveform generators,10, 15, 20, & 80 MHz.

Technical Overview 2010-08-27

33220A Product Video Demonstration
This 3 minute video demos the 33220A Function Generator, with special attention to its unique capabilities, such as arbitrary waveform generation, sweep, and internal modulation, including AM, FM, FSK and PWM.

Demo 2010-04-19

33210A Product Video Demonstration
This 3 minute video highlights the 33210A, Keysight’s most cost-effective Function Generator. The video demonstrates the 33210As unique capabilities, such as Pulse Width Modulation, sweep, and optional arbitrary waveform generation.

Demo 2010-04-19

WMF WMF 23.20 MB
Adding DC Offsets to a Function Generator's Output
A variety of electronic test applications require a DC offset to be added to the output of a function generator.

Application Note 2009-03-09

Waveform capture, modification and playback using a function generator
Function generators are used to simulate real-world signals on a device.

Application Note 2008-10-30

Using Pulse-Width Modulation to Control Signals
The use of pulse-width modulation (PWM) has become an increasingly popular technique for controlling analog circuits with a digital signal.

Application Note 2008-10-30

33220A Data Sheet
Technical specifications for the Keysight 33220A, 20 MHz function / arbitrary waveform generator.

Data Sheet 2008-09-26

10 Hints for Getting More from Your Function Generator (AN 1497)
The 10 hints in this application note will help you take advantage of the features of your function/arbitrary waveform generator so you can get your job done more easily.

Application Note 2008-07-16

Generating Narrow Pulses with a Function Generator
Testing basic digital signals, such as triggers, clock signals, and logic control, doesn't always require the performance of a dedicated pulse generator.

Application Note 2008-04-16

33220A User's Guide
This manual contains a quick start guide, features and functions, front panel operations, error messages, and much more.

User Manual 2007-05-01

33220A Service Guide
Keysight 33220A 20 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator Service Guide. Publication number 33220-90012.

Service Manual 2007-05-01

33220A Quick Reference Guide
Keysight 33220A 20 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator Quick Reference Guide.

Reference Guide 2007-05-01

Keysight IO Libraries Suite 14 USB/LAN/GPIB Interfaces Connectivity Guide
User's guide to connecting instruments to PCs via USB, LAN, or GPIB interfaces.

User Manual 2006-05-01

LAN Connection using Telnet
When communicating with a LAN instrument using TELNET, do the following...

Application Note 2005-06-29

Direct instrument connection using LAN
If connecting directly to an instrument using LAN (rather than through a server) there are some steps that can be taken to make the initial connection faster and get you up-and-running more quickly.

Application Note 2004-11-01

Create a Variety of Frequency Sweeps, Including Stepped Sweep Using Frequency Modulation
Some applications require a variation of frequency sweep such as a stepped sweep. This application note covers how to create a variety of frequency sweeps using frequency modulation.

Application Note 2004-05-07

Creating Arbitrary Waveforms Using Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
Modern arbitrary waveform generators frequently use direct digital synthesis (DDS) for creating waveforms. This application note provides some guidance when using a DDS generator to output arbitrary waveforms.

Application Note 2004-05-07

Create Music using Frequency Modulation
Each musical note has a different frequency associated with it. To play a specific piece of music, you play the different frequencies for a certain duration and in a certain sequence. By modulating a sine wave with an arbitrary...

Application Note 2004-03-22

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