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How do I upgrade my AC6800 Series Basic AC Power Sources
Upgrades to enhance your current AC6800 Series basic AC power sources as your needs change.

FAQ 2014-04-21

66xxA, 68xxB, N330A and E36xxA: Determining the Correct Line Voltage Option to Order for a Power...
Some power products use lots of power, far beyond the range of typical electronic products with which we are familiar. This makes choosing the correct line voltage option more challenging.

FAQ 2008-09-22

66xxA: Re-Calibration Date
There are no components used in Power Products which have a specific shelf life. Therefore, the calibration period of this instrument begins on the date that the product is first put into service by the customer. The recommended calibration interv...

FAQ 2008-09-22

66xxA: Calibration Certificates
Criteria have been established to determine which products get or do not get a calibration from the factory. A product with a product number does not automatically qualify for a calibration certificate.

FAQ 2008-09-22

Do I need to order option 054 (High Speed Test Extensions) for the N6751A, N6752A, and N6754A High Performance DC Power Modules, when I plan on usi...
Option 054 is not required when the DC Power Module will be used in a DC Power Analyzer.

FAQ 2007-11-04

How can I offset the voltage drop caused by long cable lengths from my dc power supply to the device under test (DUT)?
Normally, Keysight power supplies are delivered configured to deliver their full specs at the output terminals. In some application, where long lead lengths to the DUT are unavoidable, the regulation of the power supply at the DUT can be significan...

FAQ 2007-06-01

Can I use the 6811B, 6812B, or 6813B Power Meter and Analyzer on external AC power lines?
No. It can only be used to test devices.

FAQ 2006-10-02

Why Doesn't My Power Supply Come With The Right Line Cord?
Some power products use lots of power, far beyond the range of typical electronic products with which we are familiar. This makes it difficult to identify and provide the correct line cord and plug in all situations...

FAQ 2006-04-11

66xxA, 68xxA and E36xxA: Switching vs. Linear Power Supplies

FAQ 2003-06-04

66xxA: Synchronize Different System Power Supply Outputs

FAQ 2003-06-04

68xxA: Watts, VA, Power Factor, Efficiency

FAQ 2003-06-04

68xxA/B: Generating an AC Source Trigger Out

FAQ 2003-06-04

68xxA/B: DC Voltages from an AC Source

FAQ 2003-06-04

68xxA and 68xxB: Why Are the Required Watts and VA So Different?

FAQ 2002-06-27

6814B and 6834B: High Power AC Source Product Obsolescence

FAQ 2002-06-27

66xxA and 68xxB: Remote Inhibit

FAQ 2002-06-27

6843A: HFTS/RTS Product Obsolescence

FAQ 2002-06-27