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On my E8267D, I get an error that the signal requires more repeats than supported, can I increase this limit with the internal baseband option?
No. To increase the number of pulse capacity either upgrade to an External Baseband option with the N8241A AWG or ...

FAQ 2012-12-30

My PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer Shows error +605 Data Corrupt or Stale, NRAM copy of !....
The non-volatile RAM battery has expired. The replacement battery P/N is 1420-0314C. Click here for additional information.

FAQ 2012-02-26

My instrument will not power on correctly. What can I do?
Here are three suggestions...

FAQ 2008-04-17

FAQs: Error Messages

FAQ 2008-01-18

I remotely changed my 8648X modulation from Pulse to AM, but the display still indicates 'PULSE'. Is the 8648X outputting an AM or PM modulation?
The AM modulation is activated now. The annotation can be corrected using a short program.

FAQ 2007-09-24

8662A: Why Does the Status Light of the 8662 Blink?

FAQ 2002-06-27