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Using the Keysight ESG-D Series Multicarrier, Multichannel CDMA Personality for Component Test...
This Product Note discusses using Option UN5 for CDMA base station and mobile component test.

Application Note 2001-05-29

Understanding General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) (AN 1377)
In response to customer demand for wireless Internet access and as a stepping-stone to 3G networks many GSM operators are rolling out general packet radio service(GPRS).This technology increases the data rates of existing GSM networks,allowing transport of packet based data.

Application Note 2001-03-22

ESG (Revisions B.03.72, B.03.75 and B.03.80) Option 200 Compliance with 3GPP W-CDMA
The ESG signal sources can be used to generate the signals to perform many of the receiver characteristics and performance requirements measurements for user equipment and base stations as defined by the 3GPP standard.

Application Note 2001-03-01

Signal Generator Spectral Purity Considerations in RF Communications Testing (AN 388)
This Tutorial is an Application note that describes what spectral purity is and its components. Using applications, the importance of good spectral purity is explained.

Application Note 2001-02-20

Obtaining Flat Test Port Power With The Keysight 8360's User Flatness Correction Feature (PN 8360-2)
The Keysight 8360 series Synthesized Sweepers provide extermetly flat power at our test port, for testing power sensitive devices such as amplifiers, mixers, diodes or detectors. The user flatness correction feature of the Keysight 8360 synthesized sweepers compensates for attenuation and power...

Application Note 2001-01-24

Performing Two-Tone Measurements with the Keysight 8360 (PN 8360-4)
This Product Note illustrates how to use two Keysight 8360 synthesized sweepers to obtain two tracking signals offset by a fixed frequency (fixed offset).

Application Note 2001-01-11

Measuring Bit Error Rate Using the Keysight ESG-D Series RF Signal Generators Option UN7
As digital communication technologies continue to evolve, the measurement of bit error rate (BER) increases in importance. BER is used in a variety of applications, such as sensitivity and selectivity measurements for receivers, components, or subsystem characterization. To keep pace with...

Application Note 2000-12-08

ESG (Revision B.03.60) Option 200 Compliance with 3GPP W-CDMA
The ESG signal source can be used to generate the signals to perform many of the receiver characteristics and performance requirements measurements for user equipment and base stations as defined by the 3GPP standard.

Application Note 2000-12-01

RF Component Measurements - Mixer Measurements Using the 8753B Netwotk Analyzer - Product Note
This Product Note describes several procedures and hardware setups for measuring the performance of a mixer or frequency translator using the 8753B Vector Network Analyzer.

Application Note 2000-11-01

ESG Series RF Signal Generators Option 201 cdma2000 Personality for the Real-Time Baseband Generator
This product overview describes option 201, real-time cdma2000 personality, a solution for cdma2000 mobile and base station test to the ESG-D and ESG-DP (high spectral purity) series RF signal generators.

Application Note 2000-11-01

HPSK Spreading for 3G (AN 1335)
The objective of this Application Note is to provide an overview of Hybrid Phase Shift Keying (HPSK) and explain how to start making modulation quality measurements on the reverse link (uplink) of 3G spread-spectrum systems.

Application Note 2000-11-01

Servicing and Repairing Pagers Using the Keysight 8648A Option 1EP (PN 8648A-2)
This Product Note is targeted at the pager service, repair, and support engineer or technician. It covers paging theory overview, paging tests, and recommended test equipment to provide a general overview of paging and assist you in testing and repairing pagers using the Keysight 8648A Option 1EP...

Application Note 2000-10-01

Tips on External Clock Operation with Keysight FASS (PN 8791-5)
This Product Note provides helpful tips and examples of external clock operation with the 8791/10 Frequency Keysight Signal Simulator.

Application Note 2000-10-01

Modulation Solutions for RF and Microwave Receiver Test (PN 8780A-2)
This Product Note describes the modulation capabilities of the Keysight 8780A. It also includes several actual measurements made on an Keysight 8780A sampled at random to show how actual performance compares with the specifications.

Application Note 2000-10-01

Controlling TDMA Timeslot Power Levels Using the Keysight ESG-D Series RF Signal Generators
Keep pace with the demanding changes in digital communications standards with the versatile ESG-D series of RF signal generators. The ESG-D series of RF signal generators offer flexible baseband architectures that provide unsurpassed and complementary features for generating complex digitally...

Application Note 2000-09-01

Air Navigation Receiver Testing With The Keysight 8644A (AN 8644A-2)
This Application Note, for customers and field engineers, describes how to use the Keysight 8644A, 8645A, and 8665A signal generators to generate avionic test signals for marker beacon receivers.

Application Note 2000-09-01

Phase Noise Test with the Keysight 8644A/65A Signal Generators (PN 8644A-1)
This Product Note describes the unique characteristics of the FM scheme used in the Keysight 8644A and Keysight 8665A and explains how it affects phase noise measurements.

Application Note 2000-09-01

Pulsed Carrier Phase Noise Measurements Using Keysight E5500 (PN E5500-1)
This 36-page Product Note discusses the use and limitations of the Keysight E5500 series phase noise measurement solutions for making pulsed carrier phase noise measurements. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the concepts of phase noise measurement techniques and with the general...

Application Note 2000-09-01

Noise Power Ratio Measurements Using E2507B/E2508AMulti-format Communications Signal Simulator
The NPR measurement requires a stimulus source to generate conditioned noise and a measurement receiver to analyze the changes in the noise after it passes through the device under test. This Product Note shows how the E2507B or E2508A Multi-format Communications Signal Simulator...

Application Note 2000-08-01

Generating Scan Modulation Patterns with the 8360 (PN 8360-3) - App Note
An overview of a signal simulation system for scan modulation. Covering the significance of very deep AM and pulse performance with respect to the Automatic Leveling Control (ALC) loop.

Application Note 2000-07-01

Understanding CDMA Measurements for Base Stations and Their Components (AN 1311)
This Application Note presents the fundamental measurement principles for the RF parametric tests performed on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) base stations and their components.

Application Note 2000-06-01

Performing cdma2000 Measurements Today (AN 1325)
cdma2000 is the 3GPP2 standard for 3G technology derived from cdmaOne. Although the standard has not yet been defined, R&D component and system engineers need to test their cdma 2000 designs today. This Application Note is a guide to cdma2000 testing based on established cdmaOne measurements...

Application Note 2000-05-22

Testing CDMA Base Station Amplifiers (AN 1307)
The objective of this Application Note is to cover the basic measurement fundamentals of characterizing the linear and non-linear behavior of CDMA power amplifiers.

Application Note 2000-05-01

ESG Option 201 Real-time IS-2000 Measurements
This Product Note discusses features, setup, and applications for the Keysight ESG Option 201 Real-time cdma2000 personality. It is intended to provide R&D designers working on DSPs, ASICs, and other firmware components of IS-95 and IS-2000 mobile phones with techniques for testing and...

Application Note 2000-04-03

Improving Network Analyzer Measurements of Frequency-translating Devices (1287-7) – Application Note
This Application Note explores current test equipment solutions and techniques that can be used to accurately characterize and test frequency-translating devices.

Application Note 2000-03-01

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