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How do I upgrade my N7620A licenses?
Contact the customer contact center at Keysight Technologies.

FAQ 2012-10-28

How do I manage my N7620A licenses?
The N7620A software allows you to view your original N7620A licenses.

FAQ 2012-10-28

Will the N7620B software recognize my N7620A licenses?
The N7620B software recognizes all N7620A licenses except for the N8241A, N6030A, and N9330A external Arbs.

FAQ 2012-10-28

Can MXG or EXG support more than 2 USB power sensors?
EXG/MXG are only able to display the measurements from 2 USB sensors at the same time. Up to ...

FAQ 2012-10-19

How do I upgrade my E8663B PSG Analog Signal Generator?
Find Information on Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Software, etc....

FAQ 2012-10-11

The channel 2 in the B2902A or B2912A doesn't receive any SCPI commands.
The instrument may be configured to use the conventional command set. Click the above link for details.

FAQ 2012-10-09

The password is required to access the instrument.
The password is required to access the instrument compliant with the LXI specification. Click the above link for details.

FAQ 2012-10-09

How to determine the frequency for Sin function of Quick IV List Sweep?
Frequency = 1 / ( (360 [degree] / X Step [degree]) * Trigger Period )

FAQ 2012-10-09

I cannot store the channel 2 measurement condition to USB memory stick, why not?
The instrument may be configured to use the conventional command set. Click the above link for details.

FAQ 2012-10-09

Does the B2901/02/11/12A have any search function?
No, the B2901/02/11/12A doesn't have any search function which the analyzers such as the B1500A have.

FAQ 2012-10-09

Where is the cfunc.h header file called for in the 33120A Users Guide example program?
Some older versions of the IB Libraries provided this header file during installation. This file was required to access commands from the IB command library.

FAQ 2012-09-05

When I put a N6700 family DC Power Supply module into my mainframe, I get error 207 listed on the front panel when I turn the unit on. What does th...
Error 207 means “calibration file version error”. This means that the module was calibrated in a N6700B mainframe with a version of firmware that is newer than the version of firmware in the mainframe where it is generating the error.

FAQ 2012-07-30

Why is the Upgrade Assistant not able to detect my instrument?
If the Upgrade Assistant not able to detect you instrument, but the instrument is able to be ping on the IO libraries and works fine on the web interface, ensure that the socket SCPI is turn on.

FAQ 2012-07-17

Using the E8257D PSG Analog Signal Generator in a System
Browse through this index of resources generated to ease your test system design challenge

FAQ 2012-06-26

How Do I Find My Host Information?
The Host ID is the model and/or serial number of the product, both of which can be found on the serial number label on the back of the instrument.

FAQ 2012-06-14

How do I upgrade my signal generator firmware?
Click here for information on how to upgrade your firmware.

FAQ 2012-06-12

Can the 8657x Signal Generator be turned on with the RF output off?
No, it can't. When a DUT could be destroyed by high RF output.

FAQ 2012-06-08

How do I find internal instrument information, such as the firmware revision?
Click here to learn how to access internal instrument information.

FAQ 2012-06-08

How many capacitance measurement units (MFCMUs) can be installed in the B1500A?
Only one MFCMU can be installed in a B1500A mainframe.

FAQ 2012-06-07

What is the difference between E4438C options 001, 002, 601 and 602?
ARB memory depth, waveform segment and availaiblity of digital I/O port vary.

FAQ 2012-06-07

When I want to use reconstruction filters other than 250 kHz, 2.5 MHz, and 8 MHz, what should I do?
Use external filters instead of those preset filters to prevent the unwanted image spurious.

FAQ 2012-06-07

Does the E4438C ESG support MediaFLO?
Qualcomm has prepared MediaFLO IQ sample files to work with the 64-megasample arbitrary waveform generator.

FAQ 2012-06-07

Why is the FSK modulation index of the ESG limited to about 4 or less on the E4438C and 1 or less on the E443XB?
The interpolation in the DSP algorithms for the baseband generator limits the modulation index.

FAQ 2012-06-07

What should I do in order not to set the ARB Sample Clock each time I recall a stored ARB file?
Provided are the settings for Header Information of an ARB waveform file and the Procedure.

FAQ 2012-06-07

How can I transfer a "state" from one PSG to another?
Using ftp, the transferred states are not visible in the Recall list.

FAQ 2012-06-07

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