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Bench Power Supply Tutorial
This application note describes the basic operation of linear power supplies. You will also find information to help you better understand output characteristics of a linear power supply compared to an ideal supply.

Application Note 2005-02-04

How to Convert from a Xantrex XFR to a Keysight N5700 (AN 1503-2)

Application Note 2005-02-03

Mastering the New Base Stations: Design and Test of ADPA and Digital Transceivers for 3G Radios.
This paper examines adaptive digital pre-distortion (ADPD) technology and the test challenges associated with implementing ADPD amplifiers and digital radio transceivers.

Application Note 2005-02-01

How to Convert from a Sorensen DLM to a Keysight N5700 (AN 1503-1)

Application Note 2005-01-28

WiMAX Concepts and RF Measurements - Application Note
This application note reviews the RF characteristics of the 256 carrier OFDM air interface defined in 802.16-2004 and the RF parametric tests that can be performed with Keysight test solutions.

Application Note 2005-01-05

Innovative Power Supplies Save Rack Space
In the past, many programmable system DC power supplies in the medium power range (500W to 2kW) have been packaged in 2U-high (2-EIA rack units) and even 3U, full rack width chassis...

Application Note 2004-12-16

Direct instrument connection using LAN
If connecting directly to an instrument using LAN (rather than through a server) there are some steps that can be taken to make the initial connection faster and get you up-and-running more quickly.

Application Note 2004-11-01

Trends in Programmable Medium Power (~1 kW) System DC Power Supplies (AN 1507)

Application Note 2004-10-28

Simplify Multiple Bias Voltage Sequencing and Ramping for PC Motherboard Test (AN 1504)

Application Note 2004-10-22

Increase DC-input Battery Adapter Test Throughput by Several-fold (AN 1506)

Application Note 2004-10-22

Increase Automotive ECU Test Throughput (AN 1505)

Application Note 2004-10-22

81100 Family of Pulse/Pattern Generators the Dual Clock Gbit Chip Test (PN 2) - Application Note
In this Product Note the principle is to deliver a variable clock to feed either your device(s), board(s) or instrument(s). Due to the two channel capability it is also possible to generate clocks which ...

Application Note 2004-10-18

81100 Family of Pulse Pattern/Generators Radar Distance Test to Airborne Planes (PN 1) - App Note
This Product Note describes how a trigger pulse train of double pulses is sent from the control tower's radar system to an airplane.

Application Note 2004-10-12

Side-by-Side Comparison: Keysight N5700 System DC Source and Sorensen DLM Power Supply (AN 1502-1)

Application Note 2004-10-05

Advanced Jitter Generation and Analysis Product Note - Application Note
This product note shows how the Keysight pulse generators can be used with the DCA-J Oscilloscope.

Application Note 2004-10-04

Mux/Demux test with the Keysight 81250, ParBERT - Application Note
In this Application Note Mux/Demux is described as an important part of communication. The Keysight ParBERT 81250 is the only Parallel Bit-Error-Rate test solution for 660 MHz, 1.3 and 2.6 GBit/s.

Application Note 2004-08-04

How to use the Keysight N6700 Modular Power System to replace a Keysight 662xA (AN 1467)
This is a high-level overview to help current 662xA owners easily convert to a Keysight N6700.

Application Note 2004-08-02

Magneto-Optical Disk Drive Research (PN 3) - Application Note
This 4-page Product Note describes how the Keysight 81100 family of pulse/pattern generators can be used together with a Keysight Infinium oscilloscope to help magneto-optical disk drive.

Application Note 2004-07-29

Flat Panel Display Link Test - Application Note
This Product Note shows how to verify the Bit Error Rate (BER) of 1-serial to 7-parallel Rx chip with the Keysight 81250 Parallel Bit Error Ratio Tester (ParBERT).

Application Note 2004-07-29

Create a Variety of Frequency Sweeps, Including Stepped Sweep Using Frequency Modulation
Some applications require a variation of frequency sweep such as a stepped sweep. This application note covers how to create a variety of frequency sweeps using frequency modulation.

Application Note 2004-05-07

Creating Arbitrary Waveforms Using Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
Modern arbitrary waveform generators frequently use direct digital synthesis (DDS) for creating waveforms. This application note provides some guidance when using a DDS generator to output arbitrary waveforms.

Application Note 2004-05-07

Words replaced by symbols in some applications after installing IntuiLink Waveform Editor (ver. 1.4)
Symptoms: After installing IntuiLink Waveform Editor (version 1.4), words in menu bars or dialog boxes may be replaced by unfamiliar symbols...

Application Note 2004-04-01

Create Music using Frequency Modulation
Each musical note has a different frequency associated with it. To play a specific piece of music, you play the different frequencies for a certain duration and in a certain sequence. By modulating a sine wave with an arbitrary...

Application Note 2004-03-22

Multi-channel signals with the Keysight E1440A
The attached Application Note is an example describing the test of vehicle receivers used in Decca-type location systems that require a number of synthesizers to simulate the signals from a number of fixed transmitters. The frequencies, which are multiples of the master transmitter frequency...

Application Note 2004-02-20

Programmable Stimuli for Stress-testing and Component Evaluation (AN 1251) - Application Note
Will a flash memory still be good after a hundred thousand operations? Does a switching diode switch quickly enough to avoid burning energy on the reverse part of the cycle? How much does a resistor change its value when a pulse is applied? What is the performance of a laser, and how much energy...

Application Note 2004-02-20


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