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Is it possible to measure the velocity of propagation utilizing a Keysight Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)?
Keysight VNAs do not directly provide the velocity of propagation measurement. As an alternative the steps below outline a method to calculate the velocity of propagation based upon the physical length of the cable under test.

FAQ 2011-10-07

Why is the "E-230 data corrupt or stale" error message occasionally displayed on the E4980A while saving a measurement data in the USB memory stick...
It is caused when the procedure for saving a data is not performed correctly or when the USB memory stick is not compatible with the E4980A.

FAQ 2011-07-24

What is a recommended USB memory device for the E4980A and the E4981A?
4 GB USB Memory (Keysight PN 1819-0637) is recommended.

FAQ 2011-07-11

Why is the "Failed to Capture State from Instrument" displayed on PC when the IntuiLink software for the 4294A is run?
The error message as shown below is displayed when the version of the 4294A firmware is lower than Rev 1.11.

FAQ 2011-06-12

Why is permeability measurement result unstable when a low permeability magnetic material or a thin magnetic material is measured with the 16454A?
It is because the impedance of the magnetic material inserted into the 16454A is too low for the impedance analyzer to measure it accurately.

FAQ 2011-06-07

Can the 16338A be used with LCR meters such as the 4263B and the E4980A?
No, the 16338A Test Lead Set doesn’t have compatibility with LCR meters. The 16338A can be used with the 4338A/B only.

FAQ 2011-06-07

What is the interface cable or adapter required to control external GPIB equipment by using VBA macro function of the E4991A?
The 10833A/B/C/D, 82357A or 82357B is required depending on the OS version of the E4991A.

FAQ 2011-06-07

Can the 42941A probe be substituted for discontinued 41941A/B probe?
No, the 42941A cannot be substituted for the discontinued 41941A/B and doesn’t have compatibility with old 4194A analyzer.

FAQ 2011-06-07

What is the possible cause of the difference when the permittivity measured with the 16453A is different from the value previously obtained?
Most likely cause of the measurement discrepancy or drift is insufficient electrode pressure due to improper pressure adjustment.

FAQ 2011-06-07

How can the E4980A or the 4263B measure internal impedance of batteries?
Insert DC blocking capacitors between the measurement terminals and a battery DUT. The 16065C can substitute for the DC blocking capacitors.

FAQ 2011-06-07

How should a DC blocking capacitor be inserted between the 42941A probe and a DUT when a live DC voltage exists on the device?
It is recommended to insert a SMA DC blocking adapter between the furnished pin probe and 3.5-mm connector at the tip of the 42941A.

FAQ 2011-06-07

How can I know the stray capacitance and residual inductance values from OPEN A/B and SHORT A/B measurement data displayed on the E4980A LCD?
The E4980A displays the open admittance and the short impedance obtained for Open/Short compensation as OPEN A, OPEN B, SHORT A and SHORT B values on the CORRECTION Setup page.

FAQ 2011-06-07

Can the 4294A display a polar chart and an R vs. jX (G vs. jB) diagram?
Yes, a polar chart and a real part vs. imaginary part diagram can be selected when the measurement parameter of the 4294A is set to "COMPLEX X-Y".

FAQ 2011-06-07

Can the 42941A probe be used with any RF test fixture adapter?
No, the 42941A does not have any test fixture adapter available for connecting the probe to an RF component test fixture.

FAQ 2011-06-07

How can the S21 to transmission impedance (Zt) conversion equation on the 4395A Operation Manual be derived?
The equivalent circuit model of transmission measurement is as follows.

FAQ 2011-06-03

What is the measurement setup for obtaining same spectral levels of measured signal or noise irrespective of the sweep frequency span of the 4395A?
Change the detection mode to sample detection mode.

FAQ 2011-06-03

What additional items are required to utilize the E4991A option 007 Temperature Characteristic Test Kit?
For newly purchased E4991As a Keysight 82357B USB-GPIB card is required as well as a GPIB interface on the temperature chamber. The recommended temperature chamber is an ESPEC model SU-261 temperature chamber.

FAQ 2011-05-31

For the 4395A / 4396B combination analyzer in spectrum analyzer mode with the noise format. Are the indicated units in error for this mode?

FAQ 2011-05-06

Why does the 42841A shut down with an error message display on the E4980A/ 4284A when DC bias current exceeds a certain level?
The 42841A cannot output DC bias current in excess of a level determined from the DC resistance of DUT and the maximum limit of DC output voltage.

FAQ 2011-04-21

What should I do when the "OVLD" message is displayed on the 4263B?
Check whether the selected measurement range is appropriate or not.

FAQ 2011-04-21

What are primary differences between the 4263A and 4263B?

FAQ 2011-01-06

When measuring a capacitor via a Keysight LCR meter, what is the best circuit mode, Cs or Cp?

FAQ 2010-09-30

Can I read a list sweep measurement data by operating the soft-panel of the E4980A on Web Browser?
Yes, you can read a list sweep measurement data using Web-server control mode.

FAQ 2010-09-19

External test, 26 TRD LOSS test fails. How do I execute?
In the 26 TRD LOSS test, use 2 m N(m)-N(m) cable for the connection between S and R on the 4291B front panel. If it fails even using the 2m cable, troubleshoot the test station.

FAQ 2010-09-19

4263B: What is the signal source output impedance?

FAQ 2010-09-08

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