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N1911A/N1912A P-Series Power Meters and N1921A/N1922A Power Sensors - Data Sheet
This data sheet contains technical specifications and information for the N1911A/N1912A P-Series Power Meters and N1921A/N1922A Power Sensors.

Data Sheet 2014-11-04

Power Meters and Sensors - Selection Guide
The guide introduces each model or Series in brief, followed by applications that benefit from these instruments. It also includes comprehensive selection charts and a compatibility table to help you pick out the right power meter and sensor.

Selection Guide 2014-08-03

Power Meters and Power Sensors - Brochure
This is a comprehensive brochure that covers Keysight’s wide range of power meters and sensors for RF and microwave applications.

Brochure 2014-01-15

E4416A/E4417A EPM-P Series Power Meters and E-Series E9320 Peak and Average Power Sensors
This data sheet covers the specifications for the E4416A/E4417A EPM-P series power meters and the E-series E9320 peak and average power sensors.

Data Sheet 2013-07-10

Tips for Querying CW and Average Power Without Compromising Measurement Accuracy - Application Brief
This application brief demonstrates the capabilities Keysight power meters and power sensors have for measuring CW and average power signals.

Application Note 2013-07-02

Things to Know to Achieve Optimum Power Measurement Speed and Accuracy - Application Brief
When you need to maximize power measurement speeds, knowing three key items can make a significant difference. These items include understanding your test signal, equipment, and which measurement tech

Application Note 2013-07-01

Power Meter/Sensor (PMPS) Product SCPI Application Tool - Application Note
PMPS Product SCPI Application Tool is a powerful software consists of customer application use case, product features and detail programming SCPI commands. All this information was compiled as specific document for customer reference and product application educational tool. The application document will provide a basic measurement explanation, product’s test methodology and related SCPI commands (in sequence). This will greatly save the engineers’ time and resource in the development stage.

Application Note 2013-06-24

E-Series E9320 Peak and Average Power Sensors Operating and Service Guide
The Keysight E-Series power sensors Operating and Service Guide is for use with the E9320 E-Series Power Sensors. It details the specifications of the sensors and shows operator maintenance.

Operation Manual 2012-12-14

7 Practices to Prevent Damaging Power Meter Power Sensors - Application Note
Mishandling of power meter power sensor will caused the malfunction of these instrument. Practices to protect power meter power sensor from faulty is to prolong the life span of these instruments.

Application Note 2011-09-30

Practices to Optimize Power Meter/Sensor Speed for Shorter Test Time - Application Note
This application note describes some useful tips on how to effectively minimize test times while obtaining power measurements.

Application Note 2011-07-14

E-series Peak Power Sensor Measurement Uncertainty Calculator - Application Note
Measurement Uncertainty Calculator for the E-series Peak Power Sensors (E9321A, E9322A, E9323A, E9325A, E9326A, E9327A)

Application Note 2010-11-26

Seven Practices to Prevent Damaging Power Meters and Power Sensors - Technical Overview
Knowing the proper usage and precautions for power sensors and meters would spare you inconvenience and downtime required for repair. This paper outlines seven practices for keeping your power sensors in good shape.

Technical Overview 2010-02-04

Addendum for E-Series E9320 Peak and Average Power Sensors Operating and Service Guide
E9320 Operating and Service Guide Update - This addendum is to be used along with the E-Series E9320 Peak and Average Power Sensors Operating and Service Guide.

User Manual 2009-07-28

DAQ with Matlab for Medical Science - Case Study
Keysight data acquisition (DAQ) units can now work with MATLAB in medical research, as illustrated by the case study. This helps users to understand the basics of MATLAB programming in Keysight USB DAQ.

Case Study 2009-06-16

Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements (AN 1449) - Application Note
Keysight's Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements, application note (AN 1449-1/2/3/4).

Application Note 2009-06-05

P-Series and EPM-P PowerMeters for Bluetooth Testing
This is a Technical Overview and Self-Guided Demonstration for Bluetooth Testing using P-Series and EPM-P Power Meters.

Demo 2009-02-13

P-Series Power Meters and Power Sensors Configuration Guide
This configuration guide describes standard configurations, options and compatible accessories for the P-Series power meters and sensors.

Configuration Guide 2006-06-04

4 Steps for Making Better Power Measurements (AN 64-4D) - Application Note
Before selecting a power meter and associated sensors, make sure that you have taken the 4 steps detailed in this note, which influence the accuracy, economy and technical match to your application.

Application Note 2006-04-26

P-Series Power Meter and Sensors, Technical Overview
This technical overview covers the features, benefits and specifications for the P-Series power meters and sensors.

Technical Overview 2005-09-14

EPM and EPM-P Series Configuration Guide

Configuration Guide 2005-07-13

EPM-P Series Product Overview
Keysight EPM-P series single- and dual-channel power meters Keysight E9320 family of peak and average power sensors

Technical Overview 2004-02-27

Designing and Testing cdma2000 Base Stations (AN 1357)
This Application Note describes base station design and measurement issues at the physical...

Application Note 2003-02-25

Designing and Testing 3GPP W-CDMA User Equipment - Application Note
This Application Note focuses on the physical layer (layer 1) of the Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) mode of W-CDMA.

Application Note 2003-02-21

Designing and Testing cdma2000 Mobile Stations - Application Note 1358
One of the proposals for the IMT-2000 requirements for a 3G global wireless communications system is cdma2000. This application note describes mobile station design and measurement issues at the physical layer (layer 1) that may be different between cdma2000 and cdmaOne.

Application Note 2003-01-13

1xEV-DO Power Measurement Solutions
Keysight EPM-P series power meters along with the E9320A family of peak and average sensors simplify development, verification, and manufacturing of 1xEV-DO wireless systems.

Promotional Materials 2002-09-23

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