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Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2016
San Fransisco, CA; August 16-18, 2016


Cable and Connector Care
Accelerated Education Curriculum: Training for fundamentals of connector care

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Can the U4431A MIPI M-PHY protocol analyzer be controlled from an external PC via the AXIe mainframe's USB port?
Yes, the USB connected chassis option (M9502A-U20/M9505A-U20) is a viable connection strategy when using the U4431A M-PHY Protocol Analyzer instrument.

FAQ 2016-07-08

PC Tested Configurations with PXI/AXIe Chassis - Technical Overview
This document provides a list of personal computers which are compatible with the M9018A PXI Chassis and the M9502A/M9505A AXIe Chassis.

Technical Overview 2016-06-20

N5309A Exerciser, PTC, and Compliance Tests [Discontinued]
Standalone PCIe card for PTC2, compliance test and exerciser & LTSSM tests

Product/Service 2016-05-17

N5315A slot interposer probe for PCIe 1.0 and PCIe 2.0 [Discontinued]
x1 through x16 slot interposer for PCIe 1.0 and 2.0

Product/Service 2016-05-17

N5322A Extended Interface Module for Active State Power Management Testing [Discontinued]
Industry's fastest lock time in a protocol analyzer; ASPM for PCIe 2.0

Product/Service 2016-05-17

N5328A Half Size Midbus Probe [Discontinued]

Product/Service 2016-05-17

E2969B Protocol Test Card (PTC) II for PCIe 2.0 [Discontinued]
Enables device testing, helping customers to validate functional and compliance designs of PCIe 2.0 solutions in preparation for official compliance testing by the PCI-SIG®.

Product/Service 2016-05-17

N5306A Protocol Analyzer for PCIe 1.0 and 2.0 [Discontinued]
The N5306A analysis module is an I/O blade that provides hardware capture for PCIe 1.0 and 2.0.

Product/Service 2016-05-17

E2960B Series for PCI Express 2.0 - Data Sheet
The Protocol Test Series encompasses the industry's most complete and integrated x1 through x16 protocol analyzer and LTSSM (Link Training and Status State Machine) exerciser for superior midbus and solid slot probing. This data sheet supports Windows 7.

Data Sheet 2016-05-06

The Type-C Revolution Demands Design and Test Innovations Webcast
Original broadcast February 25, 2016

Webcast - recorded

USB Type-C Connector Webcast: A Validation Engineer's Dream!
Original broadcast February 17, 2016

Webcast - recorded

U4301B PCI Express® 3.0 Analyzer Module - Data Sheet
Keysight Technologies’ high speed U4301B PCI Express® 3.0 analyzer module is a protocol analyzer supporting all PCI Express® applications from Gen1 through Gen3.

Data Sheet 2016-02-04

PCI Express Gen3 Hardware and Probing Guide
This guide describes the probing options available for PCI Express Gen3 devices and how to make connections from the device under test (DUT) to the Keysight PCIe Gen3 protocol analyzer and exerciser.

User Manual 2015-12-15

Logic and Protocol Analyzer Software (64-bit)
Take a test drive by simply downloading the U4154A/B, U4301A/B, U4421A, U4431A and 16850 series application software...
Previous Versions

Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: 06.20.0002 | 2015-12-15

U4431A-613 MIPI M-PHY Command Line Packet Generator (64-bit)
Command Line Packet Generator (CLPG) acts as a stimulus Host and exercises the M-PHY UniPro link. It also has an embedded analyzer with bidirectional data capture and analysis
Previous Versions

Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: 06.20.0002 | 2015-12-15

U4305A PCIe Exerciser & PCIe LTSSM Exerciser [Discontinued]
U4305A PCIe Exerciser & PCIe LTSSM Exerciser for PCIe 3.0, PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 1.0

Product/Service 2015-12-01

Keysight AXIe based Logic Analysis and Protocol Test Modules Installation Guide
This guide provides detailed information for setting up the Keysight AXIe based logic analysis and protocol test modules in the Keysight AXIe chassis. The guide also provides instructions on how to establish connectivity among the components of a typical setup.

Installation Manual 2015-11-20

U4301B PCI Express Protocol Analyzer
Keysight’s U4301B PCI Express protocol analyzer is a combination of hardware and software features that ensure the fastest time to insight.

Product/Service 2015-10-22

U4301 PCIe Gen3 Analyzer User Guide
Describes how to configure, tune and use the U4301A/B PCIe Gen3 Analyzer module to capture and decode PCIe 3.0 data.

User Manual 2015-10-16

U.2 (SFF-8639) Interposer for PCIe Gen3 Quick Start Guide
U.2 (SFF-8639) Interposer for PCIe Gen3 Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide 2015-10-13

Logic and Protocol Analyzer Software (32-bit)
Version 5.90 of the Logic and Protocol Analyzer software is a 32-bit application, Take a test drive by simply downloading the U4000, 16900, 16800, and 1680/90 series application software...
Previous Versions

Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: 05.90.1104 | 2015-10-12

U4421A MIPI® D-PHY™ Protocol Exerciser/Analyzer - Data Sheet
Use the U4421A MIPI D-PHY Interface Analyzer and Stimulus Module to easily debug and integrate MIPI D-PHY CSI-2 or DSI interfaces and gain insight from real-time video streaming to bit level output.

Data Sheet 2015-09-29

PCIe Gen3 Exerciser Software
This software is used to control the U4305A/B PCIe exerciser and PCIe LTSSM exerciser.
Previous Versions

Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: 8.78 | 2015-09-23

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