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    Save up to 25% on a New U4421A
    Trade in your current N48x1B MIPI D-PHY probe and receive up to 25% off a new U4421A protocol analyzer/exerciser.

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2015-08-31

    MIPI – Overcome Test Challenges to Ensure Interoperability for your PHY Webcast
    Original broadcast June 23, 2015

    Webcast - recorded

    Flash Memory Summit 2015
    Santa Clara, CA; August 12-13, 2015


    U4998A HDMI and MHL Protocol/Audio/Video Analyzer and Generator Module [Discontinued]
    The U4998A AXIe-based module enables you to test your devices to ensure they are compliant to the HDMI 1.4b or MHL 1.2 compliance test specification (CTS).

    Product/Service 2015-07-14

    1736A 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel [Obsolete]
    Module Accelerates Design, Development of Next-Generation Storage Devices with Fibre channel Testing...

    Product/Service 2015-07-09

    Validate PCIe® Power Saving with L1 Substate Analysis Webcast
    Original broadcast June 17, 2015

    Webcast - recorded

    U4322A PCIe mid-bus probe
    PCIe mid-bus probe with Keysight unique soft touch technology. Supports PCIe 3.0, PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 1.0

    Product/Service 2015-05-19

    Keysight Protocol Exerciser for PCI Express User Guide
    Describes how to use the U4305A Exerciser card to test PCIe devices and systems.

    User Manual 2015-05-14

    PDF PDF 12.80 MB
    Keysight Protocol Exerciser for PCI Express User's Guide
    Describes how to use the Keysight Protocol Exerciser for PCI Express for Gen3 PCIe devices.

    User Manual 2015-05-14

    PDF PDF 12.80 MB
    U4305B PCIe Exerciser & PCIe LTSSM Exerciser with L1 Substate Analysis
    The U4305B offers a broad range of PCIe test tools for validation of Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3 operation for all lane widths up to x16.

    Product/Service 2015-05-14

    M9252A DigRF Host Adapter [Discontinued]
    The Keysight M9252A DigRF Host Adapter module allows RFIC developers to speed test and analysis of RFICs used in cellular phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

    Product/Service 2015-05-13

    U4305B Protocol Exerciser for PCI Express® 3.0 - Data Sheet
    The Keysight U4305B Exerciser can be configured to provide sub-protocol layer test and debug for legacy and next generation PCIe devices.

    Data Sheet 2015-05-12

    PDF PDF 1.92 MB
    DisplayPort 1.3 – PHY Layer Test Requirements Webcast
    Live broadcast May 27, 2015; 10am PT / 1pm ET


    DDR4/LPDDR4 – Overcome the Barriers of Testing and Probing High-Speed Memory Systems Webcast
    Original broadcast April 23, 2015

    Webcast - recorded

    PCI Express Gen3 Hardware and Probing Guide
    This guide describes the probing options available for PCI Express Gen3 devices and how to make connections from the device under test (DUT) to the Keysight PCIe Gen3 protocol analyzer and exerciser.

    User Manual 2015-04-21

    PDF PDF 5.20 MB
    U4301A-3FP Transaction Decoder Package for NVMe and PCIe [Discontinued]
    The Transaction decoder with NVMe and PCIe transaction analysis allows Keysight’s U4301A PCIe protocol analyzer to provide advanced decoding and analysis of NVMe traffic.

    Product/Service 2015-04-17

    U4301A-1FP Performance Analysis Package for NVMe and PCIe [Discontinued]
    The performance analysis package for NVMe and PCIe includes the real data throughput calculations, with response-time measurement of the PCIe data flow.

    Product/Service 2015-04-17

    E2926B 32/64 bit, 33 MHz PCI Exerciser and Analyzer [Obsolete]
    online data sheet of the Keysight E2926B 32/64 bit, 33 MHz PCI exerciser and analyzer

    Product/Service 2015-04-17

    HDMI / MHL Protocol Analyzers and Generators [Discontinued]
    HDMI / MHL Protocol Analyzers and Generators for compliance testing

    Product/Service 2015-04-14

    PC Tested Configurations with PXI/AXIe Chassis - Technical Overview
    This document provides a list of personal computers which are compatible with the M9018A PXI Chassis and the M9502A/M9505A AXIe Chassis.

    Technical Overview 2015-04-13

    PDF PDF 1.60 MB
    Protocol Analyzers and Exercisers [Discontinued]
    Product information and resources for discontinued protocol analysis products and accessories.

    Product/Service 2015-04-05

    PCIe Gen3 Exerciser Software Release Notes (Version 8.76)
    Release notes for the PCIe Gen3 exerciser software.

    Release Notes 2015-03-31

    PDF PDF 291 KB
    PCIe Gen3 Exerciser Software (Version 8.76)
    This software is used to control the U4305A/B PCIe exerciser and PCIe LTSSM exerciser.
    Previous Versions

    Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: 8.76 | 2015-03-31

    N4214A POS-PHY Level 4 (SPI-4.2) Protocol Analysis Tool [Obsolete]
    The N4214A POS-PHY Level 4 analysis tool adds protocol display and error detection to the logic analyzer. This tool helps you analyze data on SPI-4.2 buses in a high-level protocol display.

    Product/Service 2015-03-24

    Logic and Protocol Analyzer Software (64-bit)
    Take a test drive by simply downloading the U4154A/B, U4301A/B, U4421A, U4431A and 16850 series application software...
    Previous Versions

    Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: 06.03.1100 | 2015-03-16

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