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Where can I find FieldFox Firmware, Software and Product Support information?
A central FieldFox website that includes links to: Upgrades, Firmware, Data Link software, User's Guides, Programming Guide, Secured environment operation, supported Calibration kits and more.

FAQ 2015-09-09

How does the Microsoft end of support for Windows XP affect my ENA?
As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft has ceased supporting the Windows XP operating system. This document will help you answer some important questions.

FAQ 2015-07-27

What is the CPU / Storage / Windows OS history?
The history of CPU type/memory size, storage type/size, windows OS is listed in the table.

FAQ 2014-04-28

N6171A MATLAB Software - Keysight Compatible Instruments
N6171A MATLAB software can be purchased along with a new Keysight instrument or purchased as software to add to an existing instrument.

FAQ 2013-04-29

Can I use a USB memory to update the firmware for the ENA?
It depends on the model.

FAQ 2012-12-28

Is it possible to disable or enable the Automatic Logon for Windows on the ENA?
Yes. To disable or enable the Automatic logon for Windows in a Non-Domain System, perform the following:

FAQ 2012-12-18

How can I check for the computer viruses on the ENA?
It depends on the model...

FAQ 2012-12-11

Can I install extra applications on the ENA?
It depends on the model...

FAQ 2012-12-11

How Can I Find What I Need in a Signal Analyzer Recording Faster?
If you have a very long Signal Analyzer recording, it is sometimes difficult to find the area of interest. There is no really good tool for this problem at this time, but here are some suggestions.

FAQ 2012-08-17

Why won't my Signal Analyzers Display Pulse Type Signals Properly?
These signals may be missed if the Sweep Acquisition setting is on Auto. We recommend using a Sweep Acquisition setting of 50 or 100 for GSM signals.

FAQ 2012-08-15

Which is Most Accurate: CalReady, QuickCal (Without Load), or 2 Port Calibration?
When nothing connected at the end of RF port, CalReady is the most accurate calibration method at test port.

FAQ 2012-08-15

Opt.100 VBA utility programs do not run properly. What is wrong?

FAQ 2012-08-09

Anti-Virus FAQ for ENA

FAQ 2011-10-07

The ENA / ENA-L was infected with the virus. What should I do?
Remove the LAN cable and perform system recovery.

FAQ 2011-10-07

Does the ENA-L support a built-in web page similar to the 871x family?

FAQ 2011-10-07

Is There a GPS Receiver for FieldFox?
GPS capability has been added to FieldFox starting from firmware revision A.05.33.

FAQ 2011-08-17

Firmware Upgrades via the Web

FAQ 2011-02-15

8720 Upgrades

FAQ 2010-11-15

ENA/ENA-L does not go directly to the instrument mode after power on, but shows the password dialog box or the windows desktop. How do I fix it?
This is because the user registration was improperly done when the first time the power was turned on. Performing system recovery is recommended to fix it.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Serial BERT Software
Find all the latest software and firmware for the Serial BERT including: N4902B, N4906A, N4906B, and N4917A.

FAQ 2010-06-24

How do I configure my external video monitor output on the ENA?

FAQ 2010-05-14

PNA Firmware; How do I upgrade Firmware?

FAQ 2008-06-29

How do I change Daylight Saving Time Settings on the ENA?
Keysight confirmed that Daylight Saving Time Setting can be changed with following procedure...

FAQ 2007-10-05

Configuring the Keysight ENA, I/O Libraries, and Intuilink for communications via Lan

FAQ 2007-07-10

Using Keysight 8510C Calibration Kit Definitions on the 8720-series Analyzers

FAQ 2005-04-15

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