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Drive Down the Cost of Test Using the ENA Series of Network Analyzers - Application Note
In this application note, we discuss the contributions of Keysight Technologies, Inc.’s ENA Series of Vector Network Analyzers (ENA, hereafter) to drive down the cost of test in production lines.

Notes d’application 2015-05-01

Impedance and Network Analysis Application List Application Note
This document provides the information of unique and new solutions for impedance and network analysis with using Keysight impedance analyzers, LCR meters and ENA series network analyzers.

Notes d’application 2012-10-30

X-parameters Aid MMIC Design
Microwaves & RF article on how models based X-parameters can provide insights into the linear and nonlinear behavior of key components in wireless systems, including power amplifiers and mixers.

Journal 2010-07-15

Accurate Mixer Measurements with ENA Frequency-Offset Mode (AN 1463-6)
Recommended measurement procedures for evaluating mixers.

Notes d’application 2007-05-07

Improving Meas. and Calibration Accuracy using the Frequency Converter (1408-3) – Application Note
Improving Measurement and Calibration Accuracy Using the Frequency Converter Application - AN 1408-3

Notes d’application 2006-08-08

PNA - Mixers - Advances in Converter Test
Keysight 2005 Aerospace Defense Symposium presentation

Notes d’application 2006-04-24

Mixer Conversion-Loss and Group-Delay Meas. Techniques and Comparisons (1408-02) – Application Note
This paper compares techniques and instruments for measuring conversion loss and group delay on a single stage converter with an embedded low pass filter. Conversion loss using a: spectrum, scalar, and vector network analyzer.

Notes d’application 2004-01-28

PNA - Mixers - Absolute Group Delay of Multistage Converters
This paper describes new calibration and measurement techniques for measuring absolute group delay of frequency converters with multiple mixing stages

Notes d’application 2003-11-24

Method for Vector mixer Characterization and Mixer Test System Vector Error Correction – White Paper
A method for characterizing RF mixers, yielding magnitude and phase response for input match, output match,conversion loss, and mixers which have reciprocal conversion loss and for which the image response can be filtered out.

Notes d’application 2003-11-11

Mixer Transmission Measurements Using The Frequency Converter Application (1408-01)–Application Note
Microwave PNA Series Network Analyzer Application Note, mixer transmission measurements using the frequency converter application note 1408-1

Notes d’application 2003-05-16

Comparison of Mixer Characterization using New Vector Characterization Techniques – White Paper
This paper presents a novel method for characterizing RF mixers, yielding magnitude, phase, and group delay response of the conversion loss, as well as the input match and output match.

Notes d’application 2002-10-04

RF Component Measurements - Mixer Measurements Using the 8753B Netwotk Analyzer - Product Note
This Product Note describes several procedures and hardware setups for measuring the performance of a mixer or frequency translator using the 8753B Vector Network Analyzer.

Notes d’application 2000-11-01

Improving Network Analyzer Measurements of Frequency-translating Devices (1287-7) – Application Note
This Application Note explores current test equipment solutions and techniques that can be used to accurately characterize and test frequency-translating devices.

Notes d’application 2000-03-01