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How long will Keysight support Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems?
Windows XP will be supported until March 1, 2015.

FAQ 2014-01-30

How does the 89601BU "update and subscription service" work?
Option 200 is mandatory and you cannot use the 89600 VSA software without having Option 200 installed. Software version.....

FAQ 2014-01-27

All Webcast On-Demand Recordings
Access the free, On-Demand (recorded) webcasts


PXA Signal Analyzer Operations
Engineers and technicians who are using the PXA Signal analyze

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Introduction to Keysight VEE Pro
Learn to develop test software with Keysight Technologies' Visual Engineering Environment (Keysight VEE Pro).

Formation en classe

What is the RF Test Blog?
RF engineers know that making good measurements is a challenge. The RF Test Blog was created as a resource for RF engineers to find ways to make better RF measurements.

FAQ 2013-12-17

M9703A Hardware Extension Software for 89600 VSA
This hardware extension software allows the use of the M9703A AXIe Digitizer as the front end acquisition hardware for the 89600 VSA.
Versions antérieures

Computer Software Version courante: | 2013-12-13

How do I upgrade my N9340B Handheld Spectrum Analyzer?
Find information on Hardware Options, Measurement Personalities, Connectivity Methods, Firmware Upgrades, etc…

FAQ 2013-12-10

Migrate Your 856xE/EC to the X-Series Signal Analyzers
Migrate your 8560E, 8560EC, 8561E, 8561EC, 8562E, 8562EC, 8563E, 8563EC, 8564E, 8564EC, 8565E, 8565EC to the X-Series signal analyzers.

FAQ 2013-12-10

How do I upgrade my N9342C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer?
Find Information on Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Software, Measurement Applications, etc...

FAQ 2013-12-10

Keysight IO Libraries Suite Recommended Downloads
Current and supported versions of the IO Libraries Suite...
Versions antérieures

Computer Software Version courante: 16.3.17914.4 | 2013-11-27

Why are the 435/6/7/8A/B Power Meter, 53147/8/9A Microwave Counter/Power Meter/DVM, 70100A MMS Power Meter …
The 435/6/7/8A/B, 53147/8/9A, 70100A, E1416A and E7495A/B are incompatible with the N8480 Power Sensors because….

FAQ 2013-11-17

82357A: Can I use the 82357A with my existing VEE or C++ programs?
Yes, the 82357A uses the Keysight I/O Libraries software which provides interoperability with previous programs using these libraries.

FAQ 2013-11-17

N5467A User Defined Application (UDA) Generator
The N5467A User Defined Application (UDA) generator tool lets you rapidly generate custom, automated test GUIs (graphical user interfaces) for Infiniium oscilloscopes with minimal programming.
Versions antérieures

Instrument Firmware/Software Version courante: 01.80 | 2013-11-15

How do I correctly enter and use the correction factors for a current probe such as the 11967A/B with an X-Series Signal Analyzer?
See FAQ content for information on this.

FAQ 2013-10-16

What calibrations are available on X-Series, PSA, ESA analyzers and X-Series, ESG-C, PSG Signal Generators at time of initial sale from the factory?
Details regarding time of sale calibrations can be found here...

FAQ 2013-10-15

What are the replacement models for the 856x spectrum analyzers?
Complete listing of the 856x spectrum analyzers. Dates of introduction, discontinuance, end of support and replacement product.

FAQ 2013-10-07

Why is the segmented memory acquisition mode useful and which Infiniium oscilloscopes support it?
Segmented memory mode offers more efficient acquisition memory usage for storing waveforms with events of interest that are separated by long periods of time. All currently shipping Infiniiums and many older units support segmented memory.

FAQ 2013-09-18

Why is option MPB required at frequencies above 3.6 GHz for real-time spectrum analysis in an X-Series signal analyzer?
At frequencies above 3.6 GHz, a YIG Preselector (a tracking band-pass filter) is used to reject out-of-band signals. This filter’s bandwidth is significantly less than 85 or 160 MHz so it must be bypassed if the user wishes to utilize the full 85 or 160 MHz of real-time bandwidth in their PXA.

FAQ 2013-08-07

Can I get the real-time I/Q samples out via LAN on my MXA or PXA signal analyzer with option RT1 or RT2?
No, however you can save the real-time trace (Frequency & Amplitude) data into a .csv file from the spectrogram trace (10,000) traces.

FAQ 2013-08-07

Why is option B85 or B1X required for real-time spectrum analyzer on an MXA or PXA signal analyzer?
All the real-time processing takes place in the option B85 or B1X hardware.

FAQ 2013-08-07

What features will my MXA or PXA signal analyzer have after I install option RT2 or RT1 real-time spectrum analyzer?
Frequency mask trigger, power vs. time measurements, real-time spectrogram, trace zoom peak, average, sample, and negative peak detectors...

FAQ 2013-08-07

What are the specifications for real-time analysis bandwidths on N9030A PXA signal analyzers with option RT1 or RT2?
See details...

FAQ 2013-08-07

What upgrade kit option provides real-time functionality for my N9030A PXA signal analyzer?
If you already have option B1X, B1Y, and MPB in your instrument, order N9030AK-RT2 or N9030AK-RT1...

FAQ 2013-08-07

How can I tell if my instrument is licensed for options B1X, B1Y, and MPB?
You can check to see what options are installed in your instrument by pressing the [System] hard key, then the {Show} soft key, then the {System} soft key.

FAQ 2013-08-07

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