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Time Domain Reflectometry Theory - Application Note
When compared to other measurement techniques, time domain reflectometry provides a more intuitive and direct look at the DUT's characteristics.

Application Note 2015-01-30

High Precision Time Domain Reflectometry - Application Note
Time domain reflectometry (TDR) is a well-established technique for verifying the impedance and quality of signal pats in components, interconnects, and transmission lines.

Application Note 2014-01-23

High-Precision TDR with the Keysight 86100 DCA & Picosecond Pulse Labs 4020 Source Enhancement Module
Learn how to build a high-precision time-domain reflectometry/time-domain transmission measurement system.

Application Note 2003-09-12

Evaluating Microstrip with Time Domain Reflectometry (AN 1304-1)
This application note discusses microstrip transmission line techniques that were evaluated using TDR measurements.

Application Note 2000-11-01