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Using Oscilloscopes to Test and Debug Analog HDTV Signals - Application Brief
Keysight’s InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series oscilloscopes with DSOX4VID option provide trigger and display features ideal for debugging and characterizing analog HDTV signals.

Application Note 2013-10-21

Testing WLAN Devices According to the 802.11x Standards - Application Note
This application note provides a survey of transmitter/receiver test requirements for 802.11a, b, g, n, ac. It also presents an overview of Keysight’s solutions for WLAN testing.

Application Note 2013-10-21

Essential Capabilities of EMI Receivers - Application Note
What makes an EMI receiver fully compliant? This application note provides an overview of some of the most useful internal diagnostic tools for quickly & efficiently measuring unwanted emissions.

Application Note 2013-10-14

GaN Current Collapse Effect Evaluation Using the B1505A – Application Brief
This document outlines how the B1505A with the N1267A High Voltage Source Monitor Unit/High Current Source Monitor Unit Fast Switch can be used to solve GaN current collapse measurement challenges.

Application Note 2013-09-30

Debug Automotive Designs Faster with CAN-dbc Symbolic Trigger and Decode - Application Note
Learn how to perform CAN symbolic-level triggering and decoding using a Keysight 9000 Series oscilloscope.

Application Note 2013-09-24

Reliable Temperature Chamber Testing with N2797A Extreme Temperature Active Probe - Application Note
Keysight’s N2797A extreme temperature active probe can operate over wide temperature ranges from -40 to 85 C, improving the accuracy of your temperature chamber measurements.

Application Note 2013-09-19

Gauging Temperature Accuracy Using the Keysight U3606B Multimeter | DC Power Supply- Application Note
In this application note, you will discover how the unique feature in Keysight U3606B that can be used to evaluate the functionality of a temperature controller board.

Application Note 2013-09-18

Measuring Jitter in Digital Systems (AN 1448-1) - Application Brief
This application note is for R&D designers and engineers working on high-speed digital designs. It addresses jitter measurements in digital circuits, how the different measurement techniques are best applied, and how these decisions may change as the data rates increase.

Application Note 2013-09-16

The Impedance Measurement Handbook-4th Edition - Application Note
This 140 page handbook is Keysight Technologies's most detailed information on the basics of impedance measurements using Keysight Technologies's LCR meters and impedance analysers. It provides the theory, test set-upinformation, error discussion, etc.

Application Note 2013-09-10

Three Reasons to Complement Your Scope Investment with PC-based Analysis Software - Application note
PC-based oscilloscope analysis software enables engineers to work remote from the target system and scope, and it makes sharing and analyzing data an easier experience.

Application Note 2013-09-05

DC-DC Converter Evaluation - Flyer
This 1-pager describes "Quick Bench-top Evaluation" of DC-DC converter and shows real measurement results of DC and transient tests made by B2900A series.

Application Note 2013-08-29

FieldFox Remote Viewer - Application Brief
FieldFox remote viewer is a FREE iOS app, that allows you to view and control FieldFox from your iOS device. This brief describes three configurations to setup your FieldFox to your iOS device.

Application Note 2013-08-27

Optimize Transceiver Test Throughput with the Keysight PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer and Generator
This application brief provides key issues and recommended solutions for increasing the speed of transceiver test.

Application Note 2013-08-27

Logic Analysis Fundamentals - Application Note
Mobile device internal FPGA signals are almost exclusively parallel bus. This application note examines parallel bus measurement basics, including functional and timing verification and debug.

Application Note 2013-08-21

Load-Cell Testing in Practice - Application Note
In this application note, you will discover the advantages of using one-box source-and-measure U3606B to perform load-cell testing.

Application Note 2013-08-21

M9703A AXIe High-Speed Digitizer with Real-Time Digital Downconversion Capability - Application Note
This application note describes how to use the M9703A AXIe high-speed digitizer with real-time digital downconversion (DDC) capability to perform ultra-fast relative phase and gain measurements.

Application Note 2013-08-19

How to Test a MIPI M-PHY High-speed Receiver - Challenges and Keysight Solutions - Application Note
This application selectively describes critical parts of the MIPI M-Phy-specification and related receiver (RX) tests. It describes the main properties of the M-Phy interface.

Application Note 2013-08-06

Tips and Tricks for Using the 34450A 5 1/2 Digit Bench Top Digital Multimeter - Application Note
This application note provides some useful tips on some of the key features of the 34450A digital multimeter.

Application Note 2013-08-03

Real-Time Analysis Techniques for Making Wireless Measurements - Application Note
This application note describes two major functions of a real-time spectrum analyzer and how they relate to the gap-free time capture with the PXA and MXA when used with Keysight 89600 VSA software.

Application Note 2013-07-31

Oscilloscope Selection Tip 11: Probing - Application Note
Tip 11: Select an oscilloscope from a vendor that can also provide the variety of specialty probes that you may require.

Application Note 2013-07-24

Measuring Agile Signals and Dynamic Signal Environments
Download this application note to learn real-time spectrum analysis techniques that will help you not only discover but make precise and selective measurements of complex and elusive signals.

Application Note 2013-07-23

Overcome PCB Loss, Deliver a Clean Eye to Your DUT Using Multi-tap De-emphasis - Application Brief
This application brief describes how Keysight’s 32 Gb/s Pattern Generator with integrated 5-tap de-emphasis can overcome PCB and connector loss and deliver a clean eye to the DUT.

Application Note 2013-07-16

Wideband MIMO PXI Vector Signal Analyzer Multichannel Wideband Configuration White Paper
This white paper describes a wideband MIMO configuration of the Keysight PXI VSA with up to 8 synchronized channels of wideband capability at much higher speeds than oscilloscope based solutions.

Application Note 2013-07-10

PDF PDF 11.24 MB
Measuring the Burst Time-Gated Power Signal of Wireless Technologies Using Keysight Power Sensors
Measuring pulse, burst, or modulated signals for wireless technologies such as TDMA, GSM, WLAN, WiMAX, and LTE is very important because it is part of functionality testing and power amplifier module verification during the manufacturing process.

Application Note 2013-07-08

Measuring High Voltages using the U8903A Audio Analyzer - Application Note
Presents a method of extending the voltage range of the U8903A audio analyzer by means of using an external attenuator.

Application Note 2013-07-08


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