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How do I make spectrum analysis measurements on signals above 50 GHz using a PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer (E4440A, E4446A, E4448A)?
The PSA offers an option (AYZ) enabling the use of external millimeter harmonic mixers.

FAQ 2012-02-28

How do I make spectrum analysis measurements on signals above 110 GHz using a PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer (E4440A, E4446A, E4448A)?
With the addition of option AYZ on the PSA a user can connect external harmonic mixers to measure signals up to 325 GHz. Mixers in the frequency range of 110 to 325 GHz are available from third party venders such as Olssen Microwave.

FAQ 2012-02-28

Can I use 11970 or 11974 Series external mixers with my 859x Series Spectrum Analyzer?
No, while the 859X products did offer an L.O. output on the rear panel with option 010 Tracking Generator, there was never a provision for an I.F. Input, which is required for external mixing.

FAQ 2012-02-25

Keysight Driver Migration Tool

FAQ 2012-01-20

The Keysight 8761B SPDT Coaxial Switches are not listed in the "Keysight 34945A, L4445A and L4490A/L4491A Configuration Guide". Why?
Due to the 8761B’s internal design the RF path selection is achieved via DC polarity reversal across the coil control terminals. The Keysight 34945A, L4445A and L4490A/L4491A Control Units do not provide a polarity reversal mode. Thus the 8761B cannot be controlled by the 34945A, L4445A and L4490A/L4491A Control Units.

FAQ 2012-01-16

How can I find accessories for a Keysight product?
For instrument-specific accessories (such as probes for an oscilloscope), first go to the product page and then see the related accessories. For general-purpose accessories (such as rf & microwave test accessories, carts, and racks), go to the ...

FAQ 2011-10-07

What is the shielding type used by Keysight GPIB cable?
Keysight GPIB cable is double shielded standard cable

FAQ 2011-09-12

How to Synchronize Waveforms from Multiple 34951A Channels

FAQ 2011-04-29

Will there be specification, performance characteristic or usability differences when using the 11970 Series mixers on the PXA?
Yes, there will be several differences when using 11970 Series mixers with the PXA.

FAQ 2011-04-26

What is the dielectric constant and material composition of the Keysight 33391C Microwave Insulator Bead Assembly?
The insulator bead is Noryl® modified Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO). The dielectric constant is 2.63-2.68.

FAQ 2011-04-21

How to Connect Keysight 849xG/H OPT 016 Step Attenuators to Y1153A

FAQ 2011-04-15

E5810A: Can I use the E5810A without installing the Keysight IO Libraries Suite?
Yes, the following instructions show you how to do this in NI-MAX with NI-VISA 2.6 or later installed.

FAQ 2011-04-12

Why does the switch buzz when connected to the 11713B/C switch driver?
Precaution steps to prevent the switch buzz when connected to the 11713B/C switch driver.

FAQ 2010-12-06

What attenuator/switch drivers does Keysight recommend to drive attenuators or switches with +5 Vdc solenoid drive levels?

FAQ 2010-11-24

What is the serial number break for N181xTL/UL with current interrupt as default?
Effective June 2010, high performance SPDT and bypass N1810/1/2 series switches will offer current interrupt (option 403) as a default option...

FAQ 2010-10-27

What is the typical rise time for Keysight RF detector?
Refer to the rise-time calculator at the link below.

FAQ 2010-10-18

How do I control instruments such as 82357A, E5810A, and 82350B using the GPIB interface?
There are several approaches to control instruments via the GPIB interface...

FAQ 2010-10-04

How do you get the maximum 2000 rdgs/sec thermocouple measurement speed?

FAQ 2010-10-04

How to monitor and scan on alarm with the 34980A?

FAQ 2010-10-04

How do I locate the serial number for my 34980A Mainframe?
The serial number is located on the rear panel of the 34980A on the left of the LAN and USB connectors.

FAQ 2010-09-15

How do I install the driver for the E5805A 4-port RS-232/USB adapter?
To install the driver for the E5805A 4-port RS- 232/USB adapter, follow the steps here:….

FAQ 2010-09-14

VEE Pro: Why can't I talk to an instrument at GPIB address 21?
The reason is that each device on the GPIB has to have a unique address, including the computer's GPIB card.

FAQ 2010-09-09

IO Libraries Suite: Is it possible to have both an NI GPIB card and a Keysight GPIB card or converter working in the same system?
Yes, it is possible with many version’s of Keysight IO Libraries.

FAQ 2010-09-08

What is the difference between a standard coaxial connector and precision slotless connector (PSC)?
Precision slotless female contacts are used to reduce the reflection uncertainty at a connector interface. Slotless contacts make electrical connection with the mating male pin without changing the outer diameter of the female center conductor.

FAQ 2010-09-08

IO Libraries Suite: What are the differences between Keysight IO Libraries Suite versions 14.0 and 14.1?
The major enhancement that has been added to version 14.1 is compatibility with National Instruments NI-488.2 API or I/O Library.

FAQ 2010-09-08

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