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Primer: A Day in the Life of your Cell Phone
Original broadcast July 24, 2014

Webcast - recorded

World’s Fastest Antenna Performance Measurement Technique Webcast
Original broadcast February 27, 2013

Webcast - recorded

Carrier Aggregation: Fundamentals and Deployments Webcast
Original broadcast January 23, 2014

Webcast - recorded

Overcome LTE-A UE Design Test Challenges with Keysight’s New UXM
Original broadcast February 13, 2014

Webcast - recorded

Optimise UE design for greater battery run-time
This web seminar will discuss the challenges of verifying battery consumption during different UE operating modes and the tools available to measure the effects in power consumption.

Webcast - recorded

10-Steps to Determine 3G/4G IP Data Throughput
10-Steps to Determine 3G/4G IP Data Throughput

Webcast - recorded

2012 Wireless Seminar
2012 Wireless Seminar


3G Technology Overview
This 2-day course will introduce engineers to the concepts of third generation cellular technologies.

Classroom Training

Bluetooth Technology Fundamentals
This 1-day course covers the applications for this new technology, the structure of the Bluetooth system architecture and the setup of so called short-range ad hoc networks will be introduced.

Classroom Training

CDMA Basics
This course provides technicians with a fundamental understanding of CDMA technology.

Classroom Training

E6701A/B Tutorial: Connection Using a LAN Cable
E6701A and E6701B GPRS Lab Application - Tutorial: Connection Using a LAN Cable

Training Materials 2002-02-28

E6701A/B Tutorial: Direct Connection Using a Crossover Cable
E6701A and E6701B Tutorial: Direct Connection Using a Crossover Cable

Training Materials 2002-02-28

Specific Training for the 8960 Series 10
Agilent's education and training programs help you achieve full value of your 8960 Series 10 wireless communications test set.

Training Materials 2001-09-21


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