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What is the part number for the AC power fuse in the N4010A?
Keysight part number 2110-1417.

FAQ 2008-01-31

Can I purchase a rackmount kit for my N4010A?
Yes. The part number for the rackmount kit is 5063-9241.

FAQ 2008-01-31

How can I find out when new firmware or software is released?
There are three ways to check for updates.

FAQ 2008-01-09

How much torque can I apply to the connectors on my N4011A?
0.9 Nm (approximately 0.66 lb/ft)

FAQ 2007-10-30

What is the part number of the Keysight WCDMA TEST uSIM?
The part number of the USIM changes periodically, it can be found at /find/usim.

FAQ 2007-02-23

Can I use the WCDMA Test uSIM supplied by another SIM supplier with E5515C?
Yes, any other uSIM may be used.

FAQ 2006-02-06

How do I use the Increment Set Key on the E5515C?
The Increment Set Key is not supported at this time.

FAQ 2006-01-05

How do I dump the display image file on my E5515C?

FAQ 2005-04-27

How can I order an E6785X Lab Application Fast Switch License?
E6785x only needs the switched Lab Applications to be installed and properly licensed.

FAQ 2005-03-29

Drive Test: What is the Gain of the Indoor RF Antennas?

FAQ 2003-11-04

What are the differences between the 8920A and 8921A?

FAQ 2003-11-04

Keysight 8922M option 008 Test SIM.

FAQ 2003-11-04

8920A/B, 8921A, 8924C/E, E8285A, 8935 Screen Capture

FAQ 2003-10-01

Can I Write Keysight TestExec SL Supported Keysight VEE, RMB, and Other Code for the Keysight TS-5500
Although Keysight TestExec SL supports these formats, the Keysight TS-5500 System DOES NOT.

FAQ 2003-04-17

How can I upgrade an 8923A to 8923B model?
Via the upgrade option kit 8923#UEU.

FAQ 2003-04-01

How do I set the Power Supply voltage to power my test device?
To change the power supply voltage in a test plan, open each test plan and make changes under the Global Parameters tab.

FAQ 2003-02-26

Why do I get error : 13 Type mismatch?

FAQ 2003-02-26

Drive Test: Why isn't the cdma2000 Samsung SCH-X100 phone recognized by E74xxA Drive Test Software ?

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: Why isn't cdma2000 Qualcomm 1XRTT phone recognized by E74xxA Drive Test Software?

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: What Has Happened to the Keysight E7451A, E7461A, and E7471A?

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: Finding Trimble Placer 455DR Manuals and Utilities

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: How Many Base Stations Can Be Defined in the StationInfo.txt file?

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: What Causes Unexpectedly High Ec Values?

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: Why Is My Phone Not Recognized by the Hardware Editor When I Try to Configure a Project?

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: What Are the Japanese CDMA Cellular Band Frequencies?

FAQ 2002-11-01

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