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What versions of hardware and Test or Lab Applications are compatible with each other?
E5515C hardware and application revisions should meet the requirements outlined in the Secure Features tables.

FAQ 2008-07-30

What is the part number for the AC power fuse in the N4010A?
Keysight part number 2110-1417.

FAQ 2008-01-31

Can I purchase a rackmount kit for my N4010A?
Yes. The part number for the rackmount kit is 5063-9241.

FAQ 2008-01-31

How can I find out when new firmware or software is released?
There are three ways to check for updates.

FAQ 2008-01-09

How much torque can I apply to the connectors on my N4011A?
0.9 Nm (approximately 0.66 lb/ft)

FAQ 2007-10-30

What is the part number of the Keysight WCDMA TEST uSIM?
The part number of the USIM changes periodically, it can be found at /find/usim.

FAQ 2007-02-23

Can I use the WCDMA Test uSIM supplied by another SIM supplier with E5515C?
Yes, any other uSIM may be used.

FAQ 2006-02-06

How do I use the Increment Set Key on the E5515C?
The Increment Set Key is not supported at this time.

FAQ 2006-01-05

How do I dump the display image file on my E5515C?

FAQ 2005-04-27

How can I order an E6785X Lab Application Fast Switch License?
E6785x only needs the switched Lab Applications to be installed and properly licensed.

FAQ 2005-03-29

Keysight 8922M option 008 Test SIM.

FAQ 2003-11-04

Drive Test: What is the Gain of the Indoor RF Antennas?

FAQ 2003-11-04

What are the differences between the 8920A and 8921A?

FAQ 2003-11-04

8920A/B, 8921A, 8924C/E, E8285A, 8935 Screen Capture

FAQ 2003-10-01

Can I Write Keysight TestExec SL Supported Keysight VEE, RMB, and Other Code for the Keysight TS-5500
Although Keysight TestExec SL supports these formats, the Keysight TS-5500 System DOES NOT.

FAQ 2003-04-17

How can I upgrade an 8923A to 8923B model?
Via the upgrade option kit 8923#UEU.

FAQ 2003-04-01

Why do I get error : 13 Type mismatch?

FAQ 2003-02-26

How do I set the Power Supply voltage to power my test device?
To change the power supply voltage in a test plan, open each test plan and make changes under the Global Parameters tab.

FAQ 2003-02-26

How do I reset my Keysight 8935 when it locks up?

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: How Do I Change the Scanning Time of Pilot Measurements?

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: What RS-232 Cables Are Used in E74xx System?

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: Can I Record and Export CDMA Measurements From Two Different Channels?

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: Finding Trimble Placer 455DR Manuals and Utilities

FAQ 2002-11-01

How Do I Save registers to a Memory Card on the Keysight E6380A?

FAQ 2002-11-01

Drive Test: Why Is My Phone Not Recognized by the Hardware Editor When I Try to Configure a Project?

FAQ 2002-11-01

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