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Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Keysight test equipment?
Most Keysight products have PDF manuals that can be found on product pages. Other vendors also supply old manuals.

FAQ 2014-08-01

When I print the 35670A trace display to the raster printer connected to the analyzer, why am I getting a smaller printout?
On the 35670A, the work-around for this is as follows...

FAQ 2009-03-12

How can I find out the firmware revision of my 3852A?
Send the "IDN?" command to the 3852A via the front panel or by HP-IB.

FAQ 2008-03-07

In the 35670A marker function list, there is a "Band Power" function under Band Marker. How does the analyzer compute the Band Power?
Band Power calculation is done by summing the power contained in each of the frequency bins contained in the band and then dividing the result by the Effective Bandwidth.

FAQ 2007-01-16

When I save the trace data in the ASCII format, there are 4 files created with extensions of .txt, .hdr, .x, and .z. What are the contents of thes...

FAQ 2005-04-01

Can you provide a brief overview of “Measurement Process” in the Keysight Dynamic Signal Analyzers (DSA) such as the 35670a and 35665A?
This paper attempts to briefly explain how Keysight DSA analyzers operate.

FAQ 2005-03-29

There is a floppy disk that is made reference to in the "Rotor Dynamics Measurement Techniques" product note. Where can I download the files contai...

FAQ 2005-01-25

What are the key differences between the 3562A/3563A and the 35670A?

FAQ 2004-10-29

35670A: How do I convert SDF data files to use with Microsoft Excel?
The SDF utilities (comes standard with the 35670A) will help convert SDF files to several other formats, including ASCII.

FAQ 2004-10-19

Can I run 35665A IBASIC Programs on a 35670A?

FAQ 2004-07-12

How do I combine the split files that result from saving large time captures in the 35670A?

FAQ 2004-07-09

35670A: How do I port 35670A screen images to the PC?
Using the HP-GL plotter as plot/print device, either plot the screen images using plot/print destination as "output to file" or use PrintCapture* with plot/print as "Output to Serial".

FAQ 2004-04-20

The Keysight 3852A and Multiple Interrupts

FAQ 2002-11-27

Optimum Rack Position for a Keysight 3852A

FAQ 2002-06-27

Ouputting CR/LF From a 3852 Without EOI

FAQ 2002-06-27

Nested IF Statements in a 3852A Subroutine

FAQ 2002-06-27

The 3852 WAITFOR Command

FAQ 2002-06-27

What Is the Meaning of Error 130 - Bad Select Code on the 3852A?

FAQ 2002-06-27

Validating Specifications for 44701A/44708A Scan Rate

FAQ 2002-06-27

Making Fast Measurements With the 44702A

FAQ 2002-06-27

Disabling GPIB Interrupts Via Binmode in the 3852

FAQ 2002-06-27

Choosing a FET MUX for the 44702A

FAQ 2002-06-27

The Number of LVDT Cards Supported in a 3852A Mainframe

FAQ 2002-06-27

3852A Counter Card Hanging When Measuring Open Channel

FAQ 2002-06-27

Using a FET mux with the 44701A

FAQ 2002-06-27

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