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Data Acquisition Modules - DAQ

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Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Keysight test equipment?
Most Keysight products have PDF manuals that can be found on product pages. Other vendors also supply old manuals.

FAQ 2014-08-01

What attenuator/switch drivers does Keysight recommend to drive attenuators or switches with +5 Vdc solenoid drive levels?

FAQ 2010-11-24

Why won't Help (.hlp) files view properly with Windows Vista?
In order to view 32-bit Help (.hlp) files with Windows® Vista, you must download the WinHlp32.exe Help program from the Microsoft web site at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=82148.

FAQ 2010-10-12

Does BenchLink support Keysight 3499A/B/C?
BenchLink is product-specific software that does not support the 3499A/B/C.

FAQ 2010-09-15

What is the replacement for the Keysight 11764A drive cable?

FAQ 2007-11-14

Do the N2276A/B Switch/Attenuator Driver Cards Support Control of the 84904M, 84905M, and 84908M 50 GHz Attenuators?
Although the attenuators have not been formally tested with the N2276A/B, it is expected that the driver cards provide full compatibility.

FAQ 2005-04-08

Are the N2276A and N2276B multiplexers compatible with the 3499B mainframe?
No, the 3499B is a two-slot controller and the N2276A and N2276B require three slots.

FAQ 2005-03-25

When utilizing either the N2276A or N2276B to drive external attenuators, what are the appropriate options for the attenuators?

FAQ 2005-03-24

What switches are included with the N2276A?

FAQ 2005-03-24

When utilizing the N2276B to drive microwave switches, what are appropriate options for the switches?

FAQ 2005-03-24

3499A: What type of RS232 cable is used with the Model 3499A to connect to a PC?
A crossover type cable such as RS232-61601 or 24540-80014 can be used.

FAQ 2004-06-15

3499B: How do you rack mount a Model 3499B?
Use Adapter Kit #5183-7172 plus rail #3663AC

FAQ 2004-06-15

Can the 3499A/B standard Rack-Mount Kit, 5063-9219, be substituted with the 5183-7170, Rack-Mount Kit with Handles?
Yes. The 5183-7170 can be substituted for the standard rack-mount kit although four longer screws, 0515-0899, are required for installation.

FAQ 2004-06-15

How do I access the 3488A compatibility mode on 3499A/B/C products?
Send the ASCII command, "SYSMODE HP3488A" to the 3499. The front panel may be used to access this mode as well...

FAQ 2004-06-15

Is the rising or falling edge of a Ext Trig the active edge on a 3499?
The falling edge is the active one.

FAQ 2004-05-12

Can 3499 plug in modules work in the 3488A?
The 3499 modules with model numbers 444XA/B will work in the 3488A.

FAQ 2004-05-12

Can the 3499 be set to power up to a user defined state?
Version 4 has the ability to power up to a user defined state.

FAQ 2004-05-12

Max voltage for the built in Dig I/O, Ext Trig port on 3499 rear panel
5V for Ext trig In/Out; 42 V for DIG IO

FAQ 2004-05-12

Is the relay of the N2266A a break before make?
The SCAN command forces the N2266A to do break before make when scanning.

FAQ 2004-05-12

What type of memory is used in the 3499A/B/C?
Flash Memory is used to store 3499A/B/C configuration and set-up.

FAQ 2003-06-02

What is the relay bouncing specification for the 44472A?
Relay ‘bouncing time’ is a natural phenomenon of a mechanical relay. Most often the bouncing time is not supplied in the specification.

FAQ 2003-06-02

What are the benefits of using relay-cycle-counters provided by the 3499A/B/C?
In a high-speed automated test equipment (ATE) system, unplanned downtime can be fatal to a production line.

FAQ 2003-01-22

How is the thermal offset per channel calculated and is it possible to compensate this value?
In a comparison of the N2260A and N2266A, the difference in the thermal offset between the two is large.

FAQ 2002-10-23

What does the 3499 Plug&Play driver support?
The 3499 PnP driver supports Keysight 3499A/B/C mainframes and modules (3499 and 3488).

FAQ 2002-10-23

Can the same type modules be paired together to open/close corresponding switches at the same time?
Yes, here are a couple of examples.

FAQ 2002-09-23

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