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Infiniium 90000 X-Series Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
Keysight Infiniium 90000 X-Series oscilloscopes are engineered for 33 GHz true analog bandwidth that delivers the industry's highest real-time oscilloscope measurement accuracy.

Data Sheet 2019-05-05

User's Guides, Programmer's Guides, and Online Help (Version 05.60.00904)
This installer places an "Infiniium Docs" folder shortcut on your desktop. In this folder you can find user's guides, programmer's guides, and other manuals that go with Infiniium oscilloscope system software.

Help File 2016-08-30

EXE EXE 444.76 MB
FieldFox Handheld Analyzers 4/6.5/9/14/18/26.5/32/44/50 GHz - Data Sheet
This data sheet provides the specified and typical performance of the FieldFox family of portable analyzers. This guide should be used in conjunction with technical overviews and configuration guide.

Data Sheet 2016-08-30

N28xxA/B Passive Probes - Data Sheet
The Keysight N2862B, N2863B, N2889A and N2890A low-cost, general-purpose passive probes provide up to 500 MHz bandwidth and feature a high input resistance of 10 MΩ for low probe loading.

Data Sheet 2016-08-26

1GG5-4200 DC - 5 GHz SMT Packaged GaAs Diode Limiter - Data Sheet
The 1GG5-4200 is a packaged 5 GHz reverse power protection (RPP) and limiter GaAs ID.

Data Sheet 2016-08-26

1GC1-4030 DC-10 GHz Medium Power Series Shunt Amplifier
The 1GC1-4030 is a DC – 10 GHz, 11 dB gain, feedback amplifier designed to be used as a cascadable gain block for a variety of applications.

Data Sheet 2016-08-24

86100D, N1010A Firmware Release Notes
Firmware release notes for 86100 family mainframes and N1010A FlexDCA Software

Release Notes 2016-08-24

6 GHz Integrated GaAs Diode Limiter - Data Sheet
The 1GG5-4028 is a 6 GHz reverse power protection (RPP) and limiter GaAs ID. The device can be used to protect sensitive RF circuits from excess RF power, DC transients and ESD from DC to 6 GHz.

Data Sheet 2016-08-22

1GC1-4251 DC–12 GHz HBT Series–Shunt Amplifier - Data Sheet
The 1GC1-4251 is a packaged DC to 12 GHz, 9.5 dB gain, feedback amplifier designed to be used as a cascadable gain block for a variety of applications.

Data Sheet 2016-08-22

Infiniium Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories - Data Sheet
Infiniium oscilloscopes have a wide selection of high-quality probes and accessories for your particular applications to help you get the most out of your scope.

Data Sheet 2016-08-22

N2804A and N2805A High Voltage Differential Probes - Data Sheet
N2804A, N2805A differential probes provide superior general-purpose differential signal measurements for high-speed power measurements, vehicle bus measurements, and high-speed digital system designs.

Data Sheet 2016-08-16

11612BK01 Product Note
The 11612BK01 is a 50 GHz Bias Tee with high bias current (2 amps max) capability. This Bias Module has 2.4 mm female connectors on the RF Input and RF + DC Output connectors. The start frequency is 400 MHz due to the effects of the changes to the bias coil windings that are needed for 2-amp operation.

User Manual 2016-08-12

Propsim F8 Channel Emulator - Data Sheet
Product data sheet for Propsim F8 Channel Emulator covering key features and specifications

Data Sheet 2016-08-11

5530 Dynamic Calibrator - Data Sheet
System and component specifications for 5530 Laser Calibration System

Data Sheet 2016-08-08

M8196A 92 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Data Sheet
The Keysight M8196A is the Arbitrary Waveform Generator with the highest sample rate and the widest bandwidth on up to 4 synchronized channels - simultaneously on one module.

Data Sheet 2016-08-04

Infiniium DCA-X 86100D Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe and Modules - Data Sheet
The 86100D DCA-X performs precision measurements on high-speed digital designs from 50Mb/s to more than 80Gb/s.

Data Sheet 2016-08-04

Probe Resource Center
Visit the Probe Resource Center for probe manuals, data sheets, SPICE models, videos, application notes, and more.

Help File 2016-08-03

E6610A Remote Radio Head Tester Startup Guide
Start-up information for the E6610A remote radio head tester.

User Manual 2016-08-01

PDF PDF 15.03 MB
E7515A UXM Wireless Test Set User's and Programmer's Guide
This manual describes the following aspects of the E7515A UXM: - using the Application Switch Tool - setting up the programming connection for sending SCPI commands to each UXM software component - specifying RF Cable Compensation.

User Manual 2016-08-01

W2637A and W2638A LPDDR BGA Probes / W2639A Oscilloscope Adapter Board User's Guide
This manual details the user information for the W2637A / W2638A LPDDR BGA probes as well as the W2639A Oscilloscope Adapter Board.

User Manual 2016-08-01

Anite SAS Interoperability Testing
This video features SAS, Anite’s future-proof interoperability test solution which accelerates the introduction of new mobile devices.

Demo 2016-07-31

Demonstrating the METIS 5G Channel Model
This video demonstrates the METIS 5G Channel Model, a map-based model.

Demo 2016-07-31

Anite MIMO OTA Testing - Equipment Set-up
This video demonstrates Anite’s integrated future-proof MIMO Over-the-Air test solutions and focusses on the equipment set-up.

Demo 2016-07-31

Anite at Mobile World Congress 2016
Anite at Mobile World Congress 2016, where we celebrate that Anite is now part of Keysight Technologies.

Demo 2016-07-31

Anite Device & Infrastructure Testing - Delivering better mobile devices
General overview of Anite's Device & Infrastructure Testing business

Demo 2016-07-31

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