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Addressing Measurement Challenges of 160 MHz 802.11ac MIMO

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As demand for wireless devices and more importantly wireless bandwidth increases, engineers are challenged to develop new connectivity standards that push technology to the limits. With the latest incarnation of Wi-Fi, or 802.11ac, designers are leveraging signal frequencies, modulation bandwidths, spatial demultiplexing and modulation schemes to meet the throughput needs of 802.11ac. This has posed several challenges for test equipment vendors as they try to meet the stringent demands of 160 MHz bandwidths, MIMO streams, 256 QAM all at frequencies of 5.8 GHz. During this webcast, you will explore new PXI modular technologies that allow you to measure and test such technically challenging standards at full bandwidths, rates and MIMO schemes.


This webcast will be valuable to research, development and validation engineers designing 802.11ac wireless solutions.


Jake Sanderson, Applications Engineer, Agilent Technologies

Jake Sanderson is an Application Engineer for Keysight’s Modular Solutions with a focus on wireless applications. Jake has over 15 years of experience in wireless communications and semiconductor test applications. He has developed measurements for Keysight’s RFIC testers and vector signal generators and analyzers, including for 802.11n and 802.11ac MIMO design and validation test, and has recently worked with Keysight’s SystemVue R&D team on Keysight’s applications for wideband digital pre-distortion, crest factor reduction, and using Agilent PXI modular hardware.  

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