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Phase Noise Measurement Methods and Techniques

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Extracting electronic signals from noise is a challenge for most electronics engineers. As engineers develop cutting edge radar and communications systems, where extreme processing is used to obtain the maximum amount of information from the signal, phase noise is the little understood nemesis limiting system performance.

Phase noise degrades the ability to process Doppler information in radar systems and degrades error vector magnitude in digitally modulated communications systems


RF and Microwave engineers working in digital communications and radar systems


Kay Gheen, Aerospace and Defense Applications Engineer, Agilent Technologies Microwave and Communications Division

Prior to joining Hewlett-Packard in 1994 Mr. Gheen had worked for eleven years as an RF systems engineer and engineering program manager. In this capacity Mr. Gheen was involved in the design, development, analysis, and testing of electronic warfare (EW) and radar systems for U.S. Government agencies. In addition, Mr. Gheen managed a Microwave measurement laboratory where he was involved in developing automated test systems used to characterize radar and EW systems. Also, during this timeframe Mr. Gheen managed a team of engineers and technicians that were developing specialized sensors used to characterize ultra wide-band RF emissions from RF and other directed energy weapons. Since joining Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies, Mr. Gheen has worked as a solution architect and program manager, tasked with development of custom RF test systems. For the last twelve years Mr. Gheen has worked as an applications engineer with Agilent Technology’s Microwave and Communications Division, where he works with aerospace and defense customers to develop measurement solutions involving signal analyzers and signal generators. Kay holds a BSEE degree from Brigham Young University

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