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RF Streaming, Analysis and Playback in Aerospace & Defense Applications

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What is the webcast about?
Dense RF environments onboard ships or urban environments can be an interoperability and compatibility challenge. Simply understanding spectrum usage for an operator’s assigned channel is often insufficient to guarantee a high quality of service given the potential interference issues of strong adjacent emitters, co-channel interference and passive inter-modulation. Long-duration frequency studies are needed to characterize all emitters and distortions in the RF environment including their timing relationships to other RF systems. Once understood, new RF systems can be deployed with frequency plans and radiation patterns that are both compatible with the intended mission and the surrounding RF environment.

Who should view this webcast?
Anyone integrating or troubleshooting defense systems (radar, surveillance and communications systems) in dense RF environments
Anyone simulating or testing the effectiveness of new defense systems in theater or simulated environments
Anyone seeking to validate and document interoperability and compatibility with other RF defense systems

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RF Streaming, Analysis and Playback in Aerospace & Defense Applications Webcast Slides 
March 15, 2012 Webcast Slides

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