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Eventi in Italia

Benvenuti nella pagina degli eventi di Keysight Italia


Keysight Technologies organizza numerosi seminari tecnici gratuiti oltre a essere presente in molte manifestazioni e convegni. La lista sarà regolarmente aggiornata.


Name Description Date Location Information
Hotspots - IoT Devices Measurement Insights

Focus sessions feature Keysight’s leading-edge solutions covering simulation to validation, and test considerations which might help save time and cost. Technology Booths run throughout the seminar to provide engineers the opportunity to interact with Keysight’s experts so that they can understand and help you with your IoT design, test and measurement needs.

18 Ottobre, 2016

Naples, Italia

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EM in ADS class For users of ADS with a thorough understanding of the layout environment and who have learned the fundamentals of Momentum simulations, meshing, Momentum RF and Momentum Microwave, and the common EM GUI for MoM and FEM (topics covered in the 3 day ADS Fundamentals class), this 3 day class allows them to expand their knowledge into the advanced and powerful capabilities built on top of the basic infrastructure. 25-27 ottobre 2016 Milano, Italia Registrazione >>