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Genesys Webcasts - "How-To-Design" series

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If you are designing RF and microwave circuit and sub-system components on RF PC boards and hybrids, this series of 6 “How-To-Design” seminars is dedicated to you. It includes valuable design information relevant to defense aerospace, communication and wireless applications. Learn what you can do with the latest low-cost, high-performance RF and microwave circuit design tools with integrated circuit synthesis and circuit-system-electromagnetic (EM) simulations.


LTE Receiver Design Tools and Techniques with Agilent Genesys 
Original broadcast September 17, 2009

RF Receiver front end architecture design for 4G LTE cellular application is presented, followed by the design and selection of receiver front end components. A useful technique of injecting an RF signal modulated by a digital pseudo-random bit sequence into the receiver is used to analyze its performance in preserving the eye diagram fidelity of the modulation.


RF/MW Filter Design Tools and Techniques with Agilent Genesys 
Original broadcast November 19, 2009

RF and Microwave filter design techniques for traditional and novel topologies employing a powerful yet simple-to-use integration of synthesis, electromagnetic, optimization and statistical tools are presented. Practical considerations for topology choices, component tolerances, proximity couplings and non-ideal models are addressed to enable fast realization of filter structures.


Mixer Design Tools and Techniques with Agilent Genesys 
Original broadcast January 14, 2010

Mixer applications and different topologies are discussed along with their circuit synthesis to meet mixer characteristics such as conversion gain and isolation. Technique of extracting the mixer characteristics for simulation within a transmitter or receiver design is used to quickly determine the ideal frequency plan for spurious free IF selection within the system.


LTE Power Amplifier Design Tools and Techniques with Agilent Genesys 
Original broadcast March 18, 2010 live

RF amplifier topologies are discussed along with their applications and circuit synthesis. Large signal load pull simulation with impedance matching network synthesis technique enable multi-stage cascaded power amplifiers to be designed quickly. Pseudo random bit sequence modulated RF signal is used to test for adjacent channel spectral regrowth in the PA for cellular applications.


RF Switch Design Tools and Techniques with Agilent Genesys 
Original broadcast May 13, 2010

RF solid state switch topologies and applications to antenna beam forming, signal routing and RF pulsed modulation are presented. Techniques for determining topology, matching and biasing switches to meet speed, isolation and spurious requirements are illustrated with the use of time and frequency domain circuit simulation and optimization.


MIMO Array Antenna Design Tools and Techniques with Agilent Genesys 
Original broadcast July 15, 2010

Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) antennas are used in 4G phones and wireless N networking to increase data throughput. The design of MIMO antenna arrays and feed stimulus for desired beam is enabled through the use of integrated matching network synthesis, EM simulation and powerful math equation manipulation to predict array far-field from single element EM simulation.