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H7216A/B-337 Wireless LAN Technology Fundamentals

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Audience: Engineers who need to understand the basic principles of Wireless LAN technology and in particular IEEE 802.11 a and b standards

This technology course provides the student with an overview of the standards for Wireless Networking and their applications. It includes technical detail of the IEEE 802.11 standards and protocols. It ends with a discussion of RF design issues and interoperability of WLAN devices.

What you will Learn

  • Know the trends and driving force behind wireless networking technology
  • Recognize technical limitations and competing technologies
  • Describe the IEEE802.11 (both a and b) System Level Architecture and understand the Physical and Medium Access Control protocols that support the architecture
  • Describe the timing, power management and security techniques for IEEE802.11 WLAN systems
  • Understand the concept of OFDM used in IEEE802.11a


  • None


  • Overview of Wireless Networking Technologies
  • Understanding How Wireless LAN Works
  • Standardization of Wireless LAN
  • IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN Standard
  • Interoperability of IEEE 802.11 Devices
  • IEEE802.11a Wireless LAN Standard
  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing in IEEE 802.11a
  • Conclusions and Summary
  • References for Additional Information
  • For complete course details click on the Education Datasheet below

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Training & Event Materials

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Technology Fundamentals - Course Overview 
Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Technology Fundamentals - Course Overview

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