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Know Thy Power: Webcast on Power Analysis for Energy Conversion Devices

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This webcast is designed for engineers, scientist, and technical staff who need to perform detailed electrical characterization of inverters, motors, and other power systems.

Power efficiency and reliability are critical to designs across a wide variety of energy products. The complex, high reliability demands of today’s electronic systems and high efficiency motors require a thorough analysis of the power conversion circuits.

Proper evaluation of a product’s efficiency depends on accurate power measurements. There are a variety of ways to measure power and some are more accurate than others.

We’ll provide details on the most important power parameters, and we’ll discuss and demo measurement methods used to characterize and evaluate any power conversion device design for both DC and AC single or three phase systems.


Engineers, scientists, and technical staff who need to perform detailed electrical characterization of inverters, motors or other power systems would benefit from attending this workshop.


Monika Little, Application Engineer, Keysight Technologies

Monika Little is a Power Application Engineer based in Loveland, CO. She has been extensively involved with the development of Keysight’s new power analyzers from their inception. She has broad technical experience in rotating machines and motor drive testing and root cause analysis. She also has a wide range of experience in general electrical test and world-wide business practices. Monika earned her MSEE from Slovak Technical University and first joined (then) Hewlett-Packard in 1998. She is an active member of the IEEE PES society.

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